Wherever there is a thriving real estate market, there are realtors working behind the scenes to assist people in making profitable real estate transactions and wise real estate investment decisions. Just like other real estate markets, the Ghanaian real estate market is no stranger to realtors or real estate agents. 


Realtors in Ghana can sometimes be a godsend when it comes to helping you navigate the real estate market and matching you with a home or an apartment that is suitable for your lifestyle as well as your budget. Anyone who has tried looking for a house or apartment to buy or rent on their own and also worked with a realtor for these same reasons can tell you that realtors simply provide a clear roadmap to getting your dream home faster and stress-free.


But that is only if you were fortunate enough to work with a genuine and professional realtor. So in this guide, we list some of the most reputable and professional realtors in Ghana with whom you can collaborate to find your ideal home.


Let's get right to it!






RealEstateInGhana.com is an emerging real estate listing website in Ghana with thousands of real estate listings and hundreds of certified realtors.  The platform allows homebuyers to meet and interact with trusted real estate agents and brokers to find their ideal homes to buy in Ghana. By using RealEstateInGhana, homebuyers get to interact with different realtors and choose the one that best meets their preferences.



OWNHM is a real estate listing website with a focus on luxurious properties in Ghana and Nigeria. For homebuyers looking to buy luxurious properties in Ghana, OWNHM is the ideal place to find and connect with realtors who specialise in luxurious and upscale properties. Aside from being a real estate listing website, OWNHM also has real estate projects in upscale neighbourhoods in Accra up for sale.


Ana Arkutu

Ana Artutu is one of the professional realtors in Ghana, with over 15 years of experience guiding real estate investors to smart real estate investments in the country. Her area of expertise lies in luxurious apartments and houses in mostly the coastal regions of Ghana, including the Greater Accra, Western, and Volta Regions. She also helps investors find vacation homes in the cozy Aburi mountains. 


Her firm has helped several homebuyers and renters secure homes in some of the most famous luxurious buildings in Accra, including The Signature Apartments and Heritage 100. If you want to invest in luxurious properties, then she and her team will be able to help you secure the best property for your purpose and lifestyle. Her professionalism and passion are some of the most famous attributes appreciated by her customers. 


You can learn more about her, her team, and her listings on their website.




RMK Realty Limited 

RMK Realty Limited, formerly known as RMK Property Management Limited, is a real estate company that has been operating since 2013. Their primary focus is on selling, purchasing, and renting luxurious residential and commercial properties. They also help real estate developers get access to land in some of the prime locations in Accra for developments.


The firm, led by Odette Nyame-Kumi has an interesting portfolio, and they have helped international institutions like the US Embassy, the European Union, and the German Embassy secure land and other commercial and residential properties.


You can learn more about the team and their listings on their website.



Akka Kappa Ghana 

Akka Kappa Ghana is an award-winning real estate company that helps its clients (homebuyers and real estate investors) buy the properties of their dreams. Aside from being one of the relators in Ghana, Akka Kappa also engages in services like property management, relocation management, and construction consultancy. Since they began operating in 2015, the firm has managed to get their clients to trust and rely on them to help them find their homes in perfect locations.


You can learn more about the team and their services on their website.





SPHYNX Property Consultants

SPHYNX is a trusted real estate consulting firm operating in Accra, Ghana. Just like Akka Kappa, SPHYNX is primarily in the business of letting and selling properties but also offers services like facility management, property valuation, and property tax consulting.


The firm is dedicated to helping real estate investors find ideal investment opportunities in Accra. They have helped connect investors with properties that offer high ROI in some of the prime locations in Accra, including the Mirage.


To learn more about the team and their services, visit their website.



Cameo1 Homes

Cameo1 Homes is a foreign real estate firm with a branch in Ghana that started operations in 2015. They connect homebuyers and real estate investors to their ideal homes. But apart from that, they also help developers secure land for their real estate developments and offer property management and construction services. 


The firm is committed to making its clients satisfied with their services and final choice of investment. Their many services and professionalism make them ideal for investors looking for realtors in Ghana to help them find properties and land, or maybe supervise their construction process. 


To learn more about Cameo1 Homes and their services, visit their website.





SellRent Ghana

SellRent Ghana is a real estate brokerage firm with a dedicated team of professional real estate agents. They are a residential and commercial brokerage firm offering real estate services to property owners, home buyers, tenants, real estate developers, and investors. 


This team of dedicated professionals is committed to making searching for real estate properties stress-free. Whether you are buying a property for your personal use, looking for an office space for business, or looking to enjoy a hand-off real estate investment, SellRent can help make your search as seamless as possible. They also provide other auxiliary services such as market research, property management, and valuation.


To learn more about SellRent Ghana and its services, visit their website.



Eaglesdale Ghana

Want realtors with a knack for interior design? Eaglesdale is a team of realtors/property consultants, interior designers, and project managers. The company prides itself on being the go-to firm for all things real estate in Accra.


They have an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties in premier neighbourhoods like East Legon, Tema, and Sakumono, and they are dedicated to helping homebuyers find their ideal homes. 


To learn more about Eaglesdale and their services, visit their website.



Polen Realty 

Polen Realty is a real estate firm that is focused on connecting buyers and renters with the most luxurious houses and apartments in Accra. The company has an impressive portfolio with listings of some of the most luxurious houses you will come across in Accra and their professionalism is truly exceptional. Polen Realty helps investors find investments with high ROI in some of the premier neighbourhoods like Cantonments.


To learn more about Polen Realty and their listings, visit their website.





Abri Properties Ghana

Abri Properties Ghana is a subsidiary of the US-based real estate brokerage, The Abri Group LLC. The company was founded in 2011 and it is one of the most comprehensive real estate companies in Ghana.


Abri Properties Ghana specializes in a range of residential and commercial real estate services, including selling, marketing, property management, valuation, due diligence, site acquisition/ lease management, project financing, real estate training, and consultancy services. They offer affordable family homes, apartments, condominiums, office spaces, land, and warehouses for sale or lease.


To learn more about Abri Properties and their services, visit their website.



Floorspace Realty

Floorspace Realty is a real estate firm in Ghana that has been praised as being professional by its clients. With thousands of real estate listings in their portfolio, they are dedicated to finding the clients they work with the most exquisite homes in some of the nicest estates for rent or sale. 


They offer other services, including real estate investment consultancy, property management, and property evaluation. 


To learn more about Floorspace Realty, their listings, and their services, visit their website.



realtors in Ghana- VAAL Real Estate
An apartment by VAAL Real Estate Ghana



What are the benefits of using the services of realtors in Ghana?

The most common reason why a lot of people use realtors for finding and buying real estate properties is that it makes the whole process hassle-free and saves you a lot of time. However, there are other benefits aside from the time-saving factor and they include:


  • You get access to a variety of properties so you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle instead of settling for a property because you are out of options


  • Realtors in Ghana or any other part of the world can negotiate better since they know the intricacies of the market and can get you a better deal 


  • You are relieved of all the paperwork involved in the property acquisition since the realtors handle everything on your behalf until you get the keys to your house


  • You get guidance and support on the type of property to buy, where to buy it, and how you can make the most out of your real estate investment





How do I know if a realtor can be trusted?

Aside from the realtors we have mentioned in this post, there are hundreds of other real estate brokers and agents on the market. Maybe you have a different realtor that you would want to work with so how do you know that they can be trusted? Here are some of the ways you can verify if they are genuine.


  • Check with the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA) or the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAREB) to see if they are recognized as one of the realtors in Ghana.


  • Check for their relevant certifications and licences from the Ghana Real Estate Agency Council (REAC)


  • Get to know their level of experience in the type of property you want to acquire and see if they have any past clients who are satisfied with their services.


  • How transparent are they? Are they preventing you from looking at the property to verify it’s perfect for you? Or are they holding back information from you? Reputable realtors in Ghana are transparent in their dealings, so if you see them holding back, then there is probably something fishy about them.



Final Thoughts on working with realtors in Ghana

Remember, before you decide to work with any of the realtors in Ghana, verify to see if they have experience in selling or renting out the type of property you are interested in. This way, you enjoy the benefits of working with an agent and you are sure you are making a wise investment choice.


Also, be sure to check their licences to make sure they are qualified and that they are legitimately recognized as on of the realtors in Ghana before proceeding to make a choice.



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