For two decades Real Estate in Ghana has seen a massive recognition with key locations like East Legon, Trassaco, Cantonment, and Airport Residential Area popping up. Reports indicates that Ghana’s housing gap dwindled from 2.8 million in 2010 to 1.8 million 2021 due to quality investment in real estate industry. In fact, the real estate industry recorded about 73% surge in residential structures within this period. This makes the industry lucrative and worthwhile to invest in.

Interestingly, people envisage that real estate is all about building houses to let. Real estate investment encompasses a lot including residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, and land. This article will highlight key things to know about real estate and the most exciting and profitable locations to invest in real estate in Ghana.


5 Best Locations in Ghana for investing in Real Estate

1. East Legon

East legon is one of the popular and profitable locations an investor can invest in real estate in Ghana. East Legon has access to social amenities like water, electricity, and good road networks. This saves the investor from committing additional resources to building these social amenities. However, one side effect of this location is that land acquisition is very expensive. A plot of land can be sold for $250,000 to $550,000 or higher mainly because East Legon is one of the prime areas in Ghana.



2. Adenta

Accra has been extending towards Aburi and the regions beyond. Adenta is one of the areas in Accra lands can be acquired (but also getting pretty expensive). Adenta is also closer to social amenities like water and electricity, however investors would spend part of their resources on roads and other infrastructure. A plot of land can cost GH¢ 250,000 to GH¢ 500,000 or higher.


3. Osu-Labadi

The Osu-Labadi stretch is another developing area for real estate firms and residential properties. The Osu-Labadi stretch is closer to Accra Central, making it pretty attractive to Short Term Rentals as seen with growing Airbnb in Accra. Most International workers have their projects in Accra Central, hence they prefer accommodations that is closer to their workplaces. Such areas are attractive and also have a high demand for apartments. Once again getting land in such areas are expensive and therefore requires significant investment.


4. Cantonment

Cantonments is amongst the best Top 2 or 3 Areas to invest in real estate in Ghana. It is certainly The Prime Location to invest in Real Estate in Accra and it is also very close to Accra Central and the Osu-Labadi Stretch. Investing in both residential and commercial properties can bring a massive return on investment to the investor. The only challenge for investors is the cost of acquiring land in this area. As at September 2023, you may find Lands selling from 2 to 5 Million US dollars. The German Embassy building is being planed in this Area, The American Embassy is located here, The French Embassy, Ex-Presidential residences, etc etc. Lets just call it the Number 1 Prime Location for investing in Real Estate in Ghana.



5. Kasoa

Kasoa has recorded massive development over the past 5 years and most Locals love to move to the area due to the abundance of land. Acquiring lands in Kasoa is less expensive as compared to East Legon, Osu, Cantonment, Airport Residential Area, Dzorwulu, Achimota, Tse-Addo, etc. Investors with lower budgets can take advantage of such a location. Residential apartments are more suitable in Kasoa than commercial properties as most of the company offices are in Accra-Central. Be ready to deal with the Traffic situation if you live in Kasoa (and work anywhere in Accra Central or beyond.


Investing in Real Estate in Ghana

Real estate investment can be dichotomized into two meanings:

The first one is the process of acquiring land, building properties on the land, and either selling the property or letting it to end users. Here the end user can be an individual, business, or government agency.

The second one truncates the acquisition of land but moves further into buying and selling properties to end users. The movie “The Banker” provides a vivid example of this type of real estate investment.


Types of Real Estate Investments in Ghana

There are four key areas where real estate investment can ride. If you are looking up to real estate business then you cannot overlook his real estate investment in Ghana.


Land acquisition as a Real Estate Investment in Ghana

Currently the most difficult situation in the real estate industry in Ghana is land acquisition. Prime areas like East Legon, Tema Dowenya, Osu, etc. lands are sold in dollars. Also, Report in Accra High Court indicates land litigation is one of the major cases in the high court. Henceforth, a real estate investor should be cautious when acquiring land. The investor should conduct adequate background research on the owner of the land to confirm the title and ownership of the land to avert possible land disputes.


Residential properties as a Real Estate investment in Ghana

The demand for residential apartments is high in major cities like Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Takoradi. This area offers good investment opportunities for investors to harvest. Currently, most private developers in Ghana build these apartments for sale than renting. Prime areas like East Legon, Cantonment, Osu, and Airport residential area houses are sold in dollars. Also, since Accra is the centre of Ghana doing business in attracts a lot of individuals who desire comfortable homes.



Commercial properties as a Real Estate Investment in Ghana

Most commercial properties have given birth to property management companies. Most multinational corporations locate their offices in Accra because it is the centre of Ghana. As a result, commercial properties offer good opportunities for investors. Great places like Africa Trade House, Octagon, Heritage Towers, etc. offer a conducive environment for companies. Therefore, building commercial properties has a long-term return on investment for investors.


Industrial Properties as a Real Estate Investment in Ghana

Industrial properties like warehouses offer another form of investment opportunity in the real estate industry in Ghana. However, this is a rare area for developers. This is because most developers are focused on residential and commercial properties. The industrial areas, Tema and Spintex, house many manufacturing and producing companies. Usually, these businesses occupy warehouses. However, with the rise in the number of ex-pats and foreigners in the country, the demand for such facilities is equally rising.


Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Ghana

The real estate business offers enormous benefits to the investor. We will discuss a few benefits that investors are likely to enjoy.


Gardens views- real estate investment in ghana
Real Estate in Ghana


Lifetime Income

If the objective of the investor is to build and let apartments, commercial properties, or industrial properties then the investor can enjoy lifetime income. This is because physical properties when managed properly can last for so many years.


Earn a Profit

If the objective of the investor is to build to sell then the investor can earn a profit on any capital invested in the project.


It creates a Diversified Portfolio

The risks in the real estate business are low and this can help the investor to reduce its risk. By investing in real estate the business can help offset any investment that is not doing well for the investor.


Passive Income

Now some real estate firms offer the opportunity for individuals and corporate entities to invest in their estate development for some return on investment. This can create an additional stream of income for the investor.


National development

Real estate helps to increase the housing of the nation and this is good for national development. Since this two-decade real estate business has helped bridge the gap in the housing industry in Ghana. Therefore, it doesn’t just bring money into the pocket of the investor; however, it helps to develop a nation as well.


Risks of Investing in Real Estate in Ghana

Although the real estate business has gigantic benefits to both investors and the nation, it can also be a risky venture for the investor. Some of the risks in the real estate business are shared below:



Since lands are not easy to acquire people sometimes engage in unscrupulous acts by selling lands to multiple people. So, an investor should investigate to know who owns the title of the land before any resources are committed to buying the land.


Capital tied up

Because the cost of real estate business is high due to high prices in land acquisition. The cost of owning properties is also high. Sometimes building can stay for a long time before a buyer can buy. This can hold the capital of the investor for uncertain periods.


Additional fees

For your properties to be purchased or rented early, one has to engage the services of agents which results in an additional cost to the investor. If the agent is not able to bring in clients then the business owner losses.


High vacancies

Most commercial properties face high-level vacancies, especially in Accra. Because the rent prices are quoted in dollars not all firms can afford it except some well-to-do local firms and multinational corporations.





Real estate in Ghana is booming and in the next decade, the industry can reach its peak. Most prime areas will cost more money to acquire lands in the future than now. Aside from the cost involved the benefits of investing in real estate are enormous. Unless the properties are destroyed or mismanaged they can last for a lifetime.

Moreover, investors should undergo a critical investigation to ensure that they buy land from the rightful owner to avoid possible litigation. Finally, real estate business is a good catch if the investor performs risk analysis well and devises strategies to market their properties. In a nutshell, East Legon, Osu, Cantonment, and Kasoa are great places and locations an investor can invest in real estate in Ghana. This is because these locations provides better opportunities for investors.


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