The Ghanaian real estate market is among the most promising in West Africa and Africa. Most investors, both locals and foreigners, who wish to add real estate investment in Africa to their investment portfolios choose the Ghanaian real estate market as a point of entry. 


The market promises good rental yields, over 10% per year, which happens to be some of the highest in the region. The industry also offers high capital appreciation, which is one of the reasons why it attracts investors from all over the world. 


In short, the Ghanaian real estate market is currently performing well and the market has real estate firms in Ghana and the high demand for houses due to the housing deficit to thank for this boom. The real estate firms in Ghana have been at the forefront of helping bridge the country’s housing deficit and providing Ghanaians with their housing needs at reasonable prices.


In this post, we have curated a list of real estate firms in Ghana and some of their top projects. Some of these firms have projects in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Koforidua, Aburi, and other major cities in Ghana.




Ownhm is a young real estate firm that specializes in the development of luxurious and mixed-use apartments in prime locations in Accra. Since its inception, the company has developed two exquisite apartment buildings in the Airport Residential Area and East Legon. Their developments offer a blend of luxury and community living in the heart of Accra. Ownhm also has a listing platform where real estate buyers, agents, and property owners connect for peaceful and smooth real estate transactions.


VAAL Real Estate

VAAL is an international real estate company that started operations in Egypt and has over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. VAAL is known to be the luxury real estate company responsible for some of the luxurious townhouses and apartments we see in East Legon, Cantonments, and the Airport Residential Areas. The company focuses on using modern designs, beautiful finishings, and exquisite interiors to build houses that are great as personal homes or for investment purposes. VAAL's recent developments are the Harmonia Residences and the Harmonia Villas, located in Cantonments, about 8-10 minutes drive from the airport.



SuCasa Properties

SuCasa Properties is a rising Ghanaian-owned real estate company that aims to help bridge Ghana’s housing deficit by providing affordable but luxurious houses for homebuyers. The company is popular for its O’Grantson Communities, which are gated communities with beautifully built 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses located in East Legon Hills and Ayimensah.  



Devtraco Limited

Devtraco is a popular household name in Ghana when it comes to real estate. The company is one of the top developers and richest in Ghana, with several awards, and has been in operation since the early 90’s. They are best known for their high-standard gated communities with apartments and houses that are perfect for raising a family. The company's recent development, Devtraco Courts, currently has 300 housing units and over 1,200 residents. 



Devtraco Plus

Devtraco Plus is a luxury real estate company that was carved out of Devtraco Limited. Specialising in luxurious apartments and townhouses, Devtraco Plus is the company behind some of the most exquisite high-end properties we see in the prime locations in Accra, including the NoVa Residences in Roman Ridge and the Pelican Hotel Apartments in Cantonments. If you are looking for some of the best real estate properties for your real estate investment, then Devtraco Plus’s properties are worth exploring.



Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate is an award-winning real estate company providing quality housing units for homebuyers in Ghana. Most of their properties are very suitable for families and can be found in serene environments. Lakeside Estate’s gated communities are designed in such a way that you can play and work where you live. They have a business centre where you can rent office spaces to move your business close to where you live. They also have a recreational park in their estate for families with kids to have a kid-friendly environment.




Rehoboth Properties Ghana

Rehoboth Properties Ghana is a leading Ghanaian-owned real estate company that is redefining affordable housing and adding a touch of luxury. The company focuses on using green practices to develop houses and apartments that middle-class Ghanaians can easily afford. The company and its subsidiary, Rehoboth Social Housing, have constructed over 4000 housing units and are also one of the developers for the Pokusae affordable housing projects.



Buena Vista Homes

Buena Vista Homes is the epitome of luxury. If you are looking for luxurious communities and homes, they are worth exploring. Buena Vista Homes has been operating since 1999 and happens to be one of the real estate companies with the most beautiful community designs in the country with 2-4 bedroom houses. Their properties are located in Sakumono, which is only a few minutes drive from the airport, making them ideal for real estate investments.


Marine Drive, Buena Vista
Marine Drive, Buena Vista


Adom City Estate

Adom City Estate is one of the leading real estate firms in Ghana, widely known for its affordable housing units located around the Tema area. Although their houses are affordable, they don’t compromise on quality, so you can be sure you are getting premium quality at an affordable price. Adom City Estate sells 2 and 3-bedroom houses in gated communities in Tema and Kuntunse.



GoldKey Properties

Goldkey Properties is famous for developing unique architectural commercial properties in prime locations in Accra, with one of their popular properties being the PWC tower located in Cantonments. If you are looking for spacious office spaces or commercial real estate properties in Accra to invest in, GoldKey Properties is one of the real estate companies in Ghana that you should have a chat with. GoldKey Properties also offers exquisite residential properties in Roman Ridge, Cantonments, and the Airport Residential Area.



Chain Homes

Chain Homes is one of the leading real estate companies in Ghana that specialises in building signature homes to serve homebuyers who are looking for high-end luxurious family homes. Their houses are spacious and located within gated communities in Airport Valley and Spintex. For exquisite 4 and 5-bedroom houses, Chain Homes offers some of the best on the market.



Clifton Homes

If you have heard of the famous Embassy Gardens or The Gallery, then you are already well aware of the kind of properties that Clifton Homes develops. With over 500 luxury developments in its portfolio, Clifton Homes is one of the companies at the forefront of changing the face of the Ghanaian real estate market and introducing luxurious properties while also considering the well-being of its residents through their designs. Clifton Homes has houses and apartments at Tetteh Quarshie, Cantonments, and Airport Residential Area.



Green Opal Properties

One of the real estate firms in Ghana that is worth investing your hard-earned money with is Green Opal. The company focuses on using green practices like roof-to-floor windows to build innovative houses that are of world-class standards. For contemporary houses that are perfect for raising a family and investment purposes, Green Opal Properties is one of the properties you should be considering. Green Opal has 3 and 4-bedroom houses in Adenta and East Legon.



Swami India Ghana Limited

For beautiful gated communities and houses, no one does it better than Swami India Ghana. The company has been in existence since 2013 and is well known for its Paradise Estate development in East Legon Hills, among other developments. If you are looking for not just beautiful modern houses but also well-planned communities, then this company will surely provide you with your dream property in Ghana




State Housing Company Limited 

State Housing Company Limited (SHC) was established originally as the Gold Coast Housing Corporation in 1956. It is a state-owned company that is helping solve Ghana’s housing deficit with affordable houses. The company has developments spread all over Ghana, including the John Agyekum Kufour estate located in Kumasi. They are also one of the developers handling the Pokuase affordable housing project. 


Kufour estate, real estate firms in Ghana
A property in Kufour Estate


Whitеwall Properties Limitеd 

Whitеwall Properties Limited is a Ghanaian-owned real estate company with over 10 years of industry experience in building uniquely designed apartments and townhouses in prime locations in Accra. Their houses are mainly residential and also ideal for real estate investments like buy-to-let since they come with amenities like swimming pools, gyms, smart air conditioning, etc. Whitewall Properties offers 1-4 apartments and houses in Dzorwulu, East Legon and East Legon Hills.



Cornerstone Developments Limited 

Cornerstone Developments Limited uses pleasing designs, premium luxurious finishing and a green approach to construction to build homes that people would love living in. Some of their properties can be found in East Legon and Cantonments. The company has played a pivotal role in supplying housing units to meet the demand in the real estate market. Their recent development, the Aurum located in the heart of Accra offers panoramic views of the city and a luxurious community for residents.



Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited is one of the top real estate developers in Ghana. It is a household name that has been at the forefront of transforming the nation’s housing landscape for decades. The company currently wishes to build a mixed-use community development that will be developed in 10 independent communities with a total of 17,000 houses, complete with schools, commercial, light industrial and shopping areas. The estimated year of completion is 2035.



Imperial Homes Limited

Imperial Homes Limited (IHL) is a wholly Ghanaian-owned business that not only builds houses for sale using its own designs but also specialises in building bespoke properties that are customised to the specific requirements and styles of clients. Imperial Homes has houses in Adjiringanor, Burma Hills, Dzorwulu, and Cantonments. One of their recent projects, the Adelaide Vista, which is made up of 8 gorgeously designed 3-bedroom semi-detached houses in a gated well-planned community offers the perfect opportunity for real estate investment.



WayLead Ghana

WayLead is a distinguished award-winning real estate company founded in 2010. The company stands tall as one of the industry’s finest developers and is committed to building innovative homes to meet Ghana’s housing demands. WayLead offers lushly built 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses in gated communities with amenities like sports complexes, picnic gardens, maids quarters, and fitness centres.


Vista del Mare, Waylead
Vista del Mare, Waylead


Trasacco Estates Development Company Limited

Trasacco Estates Development is a household name for luxurious real estate development, with their most popular ones being Trasacco Valley and Villagio Vistas. The Trassaco Valley is one of the most exclusive gated communities in Accra with expats, celebrities, diplomates, and influential business people in the country. Since the development of the Trassacco Valley, it has been the benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry. If you are looking for one of the most prestigious estates in Accra, Trasacco Valley is a great recommendation. 



Westhills Ridge Limited

Westhills Ridge Limited was incorporated in 2015 as a joint venture company between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Amandi Group. The company is popular for their Eden Heights development, which is an exquisite, ultra-modern and state-of-the-art gated community with apartments and penthouses located within the Ga South Municipal Area.




Mayfair Estate Limited

Mayfair Estate Limited provides high-quality affordable homes for middle to high-income earners. The company is a UK company with operations in Ghana and they are known for their beautiful townhouses in prime locations like Airport Residential. Their recent development, the Watson Row Houses located at East Airport, is just perfect for families, individuals, and investment purposes.



The Greens Ghana

The Greens is a real estate development firm that builds modern family residences like duplexes, terraced houses or apartments. If you are looking for a modern family residence with excellent ROI in Ghana, then The Greens properties are for you. Their properties are located in gated communities in Tema with amenities and facilities like sports courts, solar power, gym and fitness centres.



DP Group Homes

DP Group Homes is a niche developer committed to delivering high quality and design excellence to the modern homebuyer. DP Group is a UK company with operations in Ghana and they specialize in building exquisite homes ideal for investment purposes and for families. The company's latest project is the Kingfisher Court which is situated in Adjiringanor. The project consists of an exclusive collection of 10 well-planned 4-bedroom townhouses set in beautifully landscaped gardens.


DP, real estate firms in Ghana
A property by DP Group


Appolonia Development Company Limited 

Appolonia Development Company Limited is the company behind the famous Appolonia City Estate, which is a mixed-use gated community that lies between Oyibi and Afienya. The company aims to develop an estate with residential, commercial, and industrial properties which will be home to over 100,000 residents and several businesses. Appolonia City is a 15-minute drive from Adenta. 



Beaufort Properties

Beaufort Properties is one of the country's up-and-coming real estate companies. With ten developments in ten years, Beaufort Properties has created a distinct brand to deliver exceptional quality homes in prime locations and at good value. Beaufort has properties in East Legon, the Airport Residential Area, and Roman Ridge. Their recent development is the Pinewood Place, which is an 8-storey building with studios and 1 & 2-bedroom apartments in Airport Residential 



Quao Realty

Quao Realty is a Ghanaian real estate company that prides itself on luxury and quality. The company builds desired and suitable houses in the best environment at reasonable prices that can be tackled with a mortgage. Quao Realty has properties in Airport Residential and Cantonments with studios, 1-3 bedroom apartments, and penthouses. Quao Realty offers property management for real estate investors who wish to have their investments managed for them.


The-Essence, Quao realty
The Essence by Quao Realty


Emerald Properties Limited

Emerald Properties are specialists when it comes to home-building projects in prime locations. They are one of the largest real estate companies in Ghana and also sell serviced plots of land to buyers who wish to buy land, design, and build their dream houses by themselves. The company currently has six developments in prime locations, including Cantonments, Airport Residential, and Ridge. 



Emefs Construction  Limited

Emefs is one of the wholly-owned construction companies in the country. Emefs serves home buyers in Ghana with high-quality yet reasonably priced executive houses and apartments located in and around the vicinity of Tema. One of the company's recent projects is the Royal View Estate located in Gbetsele, Tema, which has over 200 new homes with 2-5 bedrooms.



Signum Developments 

Signum Developments is also another fully owned Ghanaian company that has been operating since 2015. The company builds bespoke townhouses and apartments that meet the style and preferences of buyers.  Signum Developments has properties in Labone, Nungua, Tse Addo, and Oyarifa with their distinctive one being the Oko Beachview property. The property consists of 70 stylish apartments with panoramic views of the Tema Harbour and the ocean.


Signum Developments, Real Estate Firms in Ghana
A property by Signum Developments


Golden Coast Developers 

Golden Coast Developers has been operating in the real estate market since 2010. If you are looking for a company specialising in building luxurious residential houses for home buyers in Ghana, then Golden Coast Developers and their properties are worth your investment. The company uses contemporary home designs and green building practices to build smart homes that are affordable and make living comfortable. 




FAQs on Real Estate Firms in Ghana

Is Ghana good for real estate investment?

Ghana still has a housing deficit of over 1.7 million, which means supply doesn’t meet demand. Although there are government housing policies and real estate firms working on ensuring the housing needs of Ghanaians are met, there is still a huge number of unmet demands.  This presents the perfect opportunity for investors to tap into this real estate investment and make great returns. 


The market, which is still developing, promises better yields than some of the already-developed markets, making Ghana a good place to invest in real estate.


How big is Ghana’s real estate market?

According to the Statista market forecast, the value of the real estate market is expected to reach $433.70 billion in 2023. Residential real estate dominates the market, with an expected market volume of $369.90 billion in 2023.


How much do houses cost in Ghana?

The prices of properties in Ghana depend on several factors, as they do in other real estate markets. The most influential of these factors has to do with location. In Ghana, Accra is the city with all the real estate goodies, making house prices the highest in the country. A one-bedroom apartment starts at $85,000 in prime locations like East Legon, Cantonments, and Airport Residential Area, while a 7-8 bedroom can cost as much as $2 million.


How do I know which real estate firm to invest with?

Finding the right real estate firm to invest your hard-earned money with requires trust. Starting with a company that is registered and recognised by agencies like the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association is a way of finding a trusted firm to invest with. Additionally, all real estate firms have a focus or niche. For instance, SuCasa Properties focuses on building affordable luxury townhouses, while firms like Devtraco Plus have a niche in high-end luxurious apartments and houses. Finding a firm with a real estate niche you want to invest in is how you can find an ideal investment that will help maximise your investment.  


Do real estate firms accept mortgage payments?

Yes, most real estate firms accept mortgage payments and also provide flexible payment terms. Some have partnered with mortgage banks to make it easy for buyers to access mortgages. 



Ready to buy a home in Ghana? Check out this guide to buying houses in Accra. This guide gives you the necessary things to consider and check before buying a house in Accra. 



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