The real estate landscape of Ghana is gradually shifting towards luxury homes. Almost all emerging real estate developers in the country aim to add a touch of luxury to their developments, and that is because there seems to be a high demand for luxurious properties, including houses, apartments, and penthouses.


Luxury homes in Ghana are also on the rise currently due to the growing middle-class population, especially in urban cities like Accra, Tema, and Kumasi. In fact, it’s almost impossible to walk for about 10 minutes in affluent neighbourhoods in Accra, like Cantonments, Roman Ridge, Tema Community 22, or Kwadaso Hilltop in Kumasi, without seeing either a high-rise luxurious apartment or a house that can be described as luxurious.


In this post, we will talk about luxury homes in Ghana, where you will find them, and what makes them luxurious. We also answer some of the questions you have regarding luxury real estate in Ghana.


Let’s dive right in!


Some Luxury Homes In Ghana and Their Location

Luxurious homes in Ghana, including apartments, penthouses, and houses, are mostly located in Accra, Tema, and Kumasi. And within these cities, there are specific neighbourhoods where you will find these properties being sold or rented out. Let’s explore some of these properties


Eden Heights by Westhills Ridge Company

Eden Heights is a luxury residential development located in Accra, Ghana. The development is just a 5-minute walk from the West Hills Mall, currently the largest mall in Ghana and about a 35-minute drive from Kotoka International Airport. Its proximity to the mall provides residents with convenience in terms of shopping and entertainment. 


Eden Heights, which can be located in an intimate gated community, offers comfort, security, and peace of mind to its residents. The community has a world-class sports complex, ample parking, four swimming pools, a fitness centre,  a playground for kids, and on-site management services.


The Westhills Ridge Company Limited oversaw the development, and the aim of the company is to provide luxury homes in Ghana for both locals and foreigners. Eden Heights has 1232 apartments and 40 penthouses, all with high-end finishes. This breathtaking architectural design is perfect for a buy-to-let investment or as your own personal home.





The Gallery by Clifton Homes

The Gallery is located in the heart of Accra, Shiashi, just by the Tetteh Quarshie interchange. It is only a 10-minute drive to Kotoka International Airport and a short walk to the Accra Mall. The development has a suite of luxury amenities and offers its residents convenience and the full urban experience. 


The Gallery comes with a gym, a yoga studio, a rooftop swimming pool and terrace, a kid’s playground, private parking spaces, and concierge service. The development is by Clifton Homes, one of the country’s real estate developers with a niche in building luxurious homes. It has 380 apartments, including suites and 1-3 bedrooms and it is home to both expats and locals. 




Forte Residences by Devtraco Plus 

Forte Residences is a gated community with 15 townhouses located in Tema Community 20, off the Spintex Road. All of the houses in Forte Residences are 5-bedroom houses, with an additional maid’s quarters. This community comes with amenities like a pool, gym, 24-hour security services, and estate management services, all of which make urban living a breeze. 


Devtraco Plus Limited designed and created Forte Residences. The company is a real estate company that is dedicated to building modern and luxurious homes in Accra and Tema, just like the Fort Residences.



fort residences


The Drum by Ashanti Star Hospitalities 

The Drum Luxury Apartments offer the very best in sophisticated modern living spaces. Located in the new Airport City at Kumasi, The Drum seeks to provide luxurious accommodation to residents. Its closeness to the new Kumasi International Airport offers convenience to residents in terms of travel, and it is a great location for both locals and foreigners. The apartments are designed to provide the best urban living experience.


This development is by Ashanti Star Hospitalities Limited, which is a new company in the real estate industry. The company's primary focus is on developing luxury apartments and shopping malls with exquisite architectural designs. 



The drum apartments-luxury homes in Ghana


Montgomery Residences by Twelve Springs Investment Group

The Montgomery Residences is a gated community located at East Legon Hills with a stunning view of its own 9-hole golf course, Zenu Lake, and the beautiful Aburi mountains. The community offers resort-like living to its residents by providing amenities like a golf course, fine shopping, fine dining, a spa, a fitness centre, and private pools. 


The Montgomery Residence has a residential community as well as a business community, which makes it perfect for people looking to live a private life away from the hassles of Accra City life.




Emerald Gardens by Ashby Property Group

The majestic ambience of this development sets a standard for luxury townhouses in Tema. The proximity of Emerald Gardens to the beach provides residents with a tranquil setting away from the noise of Accra's bustling capital city while still remaining close to malls, entertainment, and recreational hubs, such as the Celebrity Golf Club in Tema Community 14. 


It is also close to the major highways and just a 30-minute drive to Kotoka International Airport, Accra. Emerald Gardens townhomes are a collection of just 6 units in a serene environment, which makes the community intimate and luxurious. This development is by Ashby Property Group, a real estate company with operations in Ghana, the UK, and India and an aim to build luxury houses in Ghana.



emerald gardens



Paradise Estate by Swami India Ghana Ltd 

Paradise Estate is located in East Legon Hills, Accra. Set in a tranquil ambience, these elegant 3 & 4-bedroom luxury villas offer an enriching, enlightening, and rewarding lifestyle experience. The lush green parks and beautifully manicured gardens in Paradise Estate give the estate and its houses a plush and luxurious feel.


Paradise Estate was developed by Swami India Ghana Limited, a privately owned real estate company that seeks to provide housing solutions to clients looking to invest in quality and high-end properties across Ghana.




Prabon Greenfields by Vital Capital Fund

The Prabon Greenfields is the first gated community by one developer in Kuamsi. These luxurious houses are situated 30 minutes from Kumasi International Airport and just 10 minutes away from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. This estate represents the rich Ashanti culture with its main entrance gate, which is designed like the Kente cloth. 


The estate is designed to support eco-friendly luxury living with its 3 and 4-bedroom houses and luxury facilities, including 24-hour security, a clinic, a supermarket, and estate management. The estate is a joint venture between the Asanteman and Vital Capital Fund, set up to design and build luxury houses in Ghana, specifically Kumasi. 




Belton Residences by Thrope Bedu Limited

Taking you to the beautiful mountains of Aburi, where you will find the eloquent Belton Residences. These residences are situated in a luxury gated community that is nestled in the calm and peaceful Aburi Hills. The Belton Residence is perfect for holiday homes or for individuals looking to add a touch of luxury to their living spaces while being close to nature.


Belton Residences is just a stone’s throw away from the Aburi Botanical Gardens and Adom Waterfalls. The residences are 3-4 bedroom houses with the state of the art finishes, including a fireplace for the cooler Aburi evenings.



Belton Residence-luxury houses in ghana



FAQS on Luxury Homes in Ghana

Which neighbourhoods can I get some of these Luxury Homes to Buy in Ghana?

Most of the major cities in Ghana, including Cape Coast and Takoradi, have developers using contemporary and modern designs to build properties. However, the majority of these developers are concentrating on Accra, Tema, Aburi, and Kumasi. And that is because most expats and tourists choose these cities when it comes to finding accommodation. Also, these are the cities that witness a lot of urbanization. You can use real estate listing websites like ours, RealEsateInGhana, or OWNHM, a luxurious real estate website, to find some of these luxurious houses for sale.


How much do these luxury homes in Ghana usually cost?

There are a lot of factors that affect the final selling price of a building. The location, of course, plays a very vital role, as do the type and size of the property. Apartments, penthouses, and houses all have different prices, especially since they all come from different developers. On the Ghanaian real estate market, a typical luxurious 1-3 bedroom apartment costs between $85,000 and $400,000, while a penthouse with 2-3 bedrooms costs between $100,000 and $500,000, and a house with 2-5 bedrooms will cost between $100,000 and $2,000,000.


Read also on affordable houses in Ghana 

Do estate developers offer payment plans for these luxury homes?

The answer is yes. Most estate developers like Devtraco Plus, SuCasa Properties, and Clifton Homes usually give their buyers a chance to make a deposit of about 20-30% and spread the balance over 6-24 months, or sometimes more.


Can I buy some of these luxury homes in Ghana with a mortgage?

Yes, it is possible to, in some cases, buy some of these luxury homes in Ghana with mortgage loans. Some of the developers, like SuCasa Properties, have partner banks that they work with to provide mortgage facilities to their buyers. There are over eight banks in Ghana that give home loans and mortgages to prospective home buyers.



Can I rent luxury homes in Ghana instead of buying them?

Yes, it is possible to rent some of the homes mentioned. For instance, The Gallery has apartments on the market that are being rented out for both short and long stays. Aside from the apartments, you can also rent houses instead of buying them.



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