Overview of Airport Hills, Accra

Airport Hills stands out as a prestigious and affluent neighborhood in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, known for its luxurious living standards. Unlike areas where the focus is on a high density of amenities, Airport Hills offers a different kind of appeal:


Airport Hills Demographic

Luxury Living Amidst Urban Sounds

The area is synonymous with super luxury living, where the tranquility of upscale residences is juxtaposed with the dynamic sounds of airplanes. The frequent and increasing airplane landings and takeoffs add a unique urban rhythm to the area, owing to its close proximity to the Kotoka International Airport.

Convenience and Accessibility

Despite not hosting a wide array of amenities within its confines, Airport Hills boasts exceptional convenience. The Palace Mall on the Spintex Road, a significant shopping and leisure destination, is less than a 3-minute drive away during off-peak hours, ensuring residents have easy access to a variety of facilities and services.

Exclusive Real Estate Market 

Spanning approximately 400 sqm, Airport Hills still has a considerable amount of land available. However, the real estate market here is akin to that of prime areas in Europe and America, both in terms of price and exclusivity. Land prices start steeply at around 1 Million USD, with an upward trend that sees no cap, reflecting the area's high demand and prestigious status. Notably, transactions in this locale are predominantly in USD, underscoring its international appeal and investment potential.


real estate price comparison Airport Hills Accra with Germany European market

Strategic Location

The neighborhood's proximity to key locations in Accra, including the Kotoka International Airport, adds to its allure. This strategic positioning makes it an attractive spot for those seeking a blend of luxury, convenience, and connectivity.
Airport Hills, thus, emerges as a symbol of opulence and exclusivity, offering a unique lifestyle that combines serene luxury living with the vibrant energy of a bustling city. Its real estate market is a testament to its status as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Accra.

The real estate landscape in Airport Hills

The real estate landscape in Airport Hills, Accra, Ghana, is characterized by its focus on luxury homes and estates, reflecting a market that caters to high-end living and investment opportunities. Here's a detailed look at the real estate dynamics in this area:


Trends of Real Estate in Airport Hills, Accra, Ghana

Luxury Homes and Estates

Airport Hills is renowned for its array of luxury homes and estates, catering to a clientele that seeks opulence and exclusivity. The properties in this area are designed to offer a blend of modern amenities, spacious layouts, and high-end finishes, catering to the tastes of discerning buyers and investors.

Comparative Construction Costs

In contrast to European countries, where construction costs are expected to rise significantly in 2024 due to escalating energy prices, Ghana presents a more cost-effective scenario. The construction costs in Ghana, including Airport Hills, remain relatively lower, primarily due to the lower labor costs. This economic advantage makes it an attractive market for both local and international investors.

Rising Luxury Home Prices

Despite the lower construction costs, the prices of luxury homes in Airport Hills have seen a drastic increase. This surge is driven by the high demand from those who can afford the premium lifestyle that Airport Hills offers. Consequently, the return on investment in this area is notably high, attracting more investors to the market.


Real Estate Price at Airport Hills

The real estate market in Airport Hills is dynamic, with land prices ranging from 1 Million USD to 2.5 Million USD per plot. The prices for houses vary depending on the size and level of luxury, typically falling between 2.5 to 8 Million USD. This pricing reflects the area's status as a prime real estate location in Accra.


Property Listings and Real Estate Agencies for Airport Hills

Numerous platforms and real estate agencies are active in Airport Hills, showcasing the variety and exclusivity of properties available. Websites like RealEstateinGhana.com, Ownhm.com, and housesforsaleinaccraghana.com are among the many that list properties for sale in this upscale neighbourhood, providing potential buyers with a range of options to choose from.



In summary, Airport Hills stands out as a prime location for luxury real estate in Accra, offering high-value investment opportunities and a lifestyle that resonates with luxury and exclusivity. The area's real estate market is buoyed by its comparative affordability in construction costs and the high returns on investment, making it a sought-after destination for both residential and investment purposes.