Houses for Sale in Accra: Exploring Ghana’s Largest and Exclusive Real Estate Market

Accra is Ghana’s largest city, not in size but in terms of the human population and infrastructural development. This has made it the largest portion of Ghana’s real estate market and the most exclusive in that the houses for sale in Accra are so diverse that it will be hard not to find your preference.

Various types of houses, including apartments, penthouses, villas, and houses with 2 to 10 bedrooms, are available for purchase on the Accra market. There are also smart homes that are fully automated, with voice controls and sensors available for purchase. You can find these properties on the RealEstateInGhana website. This diversity and exclusivity is something that other regions and cities in Ghana have yet to match in their respective markets.

Due to this and Accra being the capital city, with lots of urbanization happening, it is the preferred choice for most developers as well as real estate buyers, including foreigners and it’s for a good reason.

Why Buy Houses for Sale in Accra?

Here are three good reasons why you should either be buying or consider buying a house in Accra, the most booming real estate market in Ghana.


1. Capital Appreciation

When investing in the real estate market, you want a place where your property increases in value rather than decreases and that is exactly what you get when you purchase a property in Accra. According to a report by Statista, Ghana’s real estate market will keep growing at a rate of 5.4% per year in value. This means that no matter the neighbourhood in which you buy a house in Accra, your property increases in value over time, thereby giving you capital appreciation on your investment. It just needs to be in a decent location and 10 years from now, you will resell at a higher market value than now.


2. Higher Rental Yields

For investors looking to earn passive income from real estate investments, Accra is the perfect place for that. Rental yields on residential properties are higher in Accra than in other parts of Ghana and most parts of Africa. Rental yields range between 8 and 25% per year.


3. Urban Living

Buying a house in Accra or living in Accra gives you access to the best of almost everything. The best schools, hospitals, restaurants, parks, shopping centres, etc. can all be found in Accra, which gives you a better life for both yourself and your family. Proximity to certain modern amenities and infrastructure makes life more comfortable. And the opportunities in Accra in terms of business and networking are vast.


Types of Houses for Sale in Accra

Have your dream house in mind? Let’s look at some of the different houses for sale in Accra.  


1. Estate Houses for Sale in Accra

Estate houses in Accra offer a sense of community living within well-planned developments. These properties are often in gated communities, providing residents with shared amenities such as security, recreational spaces like pools or parks, and communal services. Estate houses range from luxurious villas to more affordable townhouses, catering to various lifestyle preferences. You can find these types of estate houses in exclusive neighbourhoods like East Legon or Cantonments and in developing neighbourhoods like Oyarifa, Oyibi, or Ayimensah.


2. Apartments and Penthouses for Sales in Accra

Just as we stated earlier, Accra's real estate market includes a diverse range of apartments and condominiums. Apartments are ideal for individuals or small families due to their compact nature, while penthouses offer additional space. While apartments are often found in both urban and suburban settings, penthouses are usually found in city centres, like neighbourhoods around the airport, due to their high prices and exclusivity.


3. Detached Houses for Sale in Accra

Detached houses, standing independently on their plots, offer maximum privacy and space. These homes are suitable for families or individuals seeking independence and a yard for outdoor activities. Detached houses come in various styles, from modern European-style designs to more traditional architecture, meeting diverse preferences. In Accra, these types of properties can be found in both city centres and the suburbs.


4. Semi-Detached Houses for Sale in Accra

Semi-detached houses share a common wall with a neighbouring unit while maintaining individual yards and entrances. These homes strike a balance between privacy and community living. Semi-detached houses are often found in well-designed neighbourhoods like Spintex, Dansoman, and Tema.


5. Townhouses for Sale in Accra

Townhouses in Accra are multi-story residences that typically share walls with neighbouring units. These properties offer a blend of individual living and a sense of community. Townhouses often feature private yards and are well-suited for those who desire more space than apartments but enjoy a communal atmosphere. This design of building is what most developers are adopting to provide affordable housing for Ghanaians and it’s predominant in developing suburbs like Amrahia, East Legon Hills, and Ayimensah.


6. Luxury Villas for Sale in Accra

Luxury villas represent the epitome of high-end living in Accra. These expansive properties come with premium features such as spacious gardens, private pools, top-notch finishes, and smart home integration. Villas are often located in exclusive neighbourhoods like Trassaco, Airport Residential Area, Roman Ridge, and Tse Addo, providing residents with a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.


Accra's Decent Neighbourhoods with Houses for Sale

Now, whether you prefer upscale urban living or a suburban lifestyle away from the busy city centres and noise, Accra's neighbourhoods offer unique personalities. So in choosing a location, consider your lifestyle preferences, proximity to amenities, and long-term goals as you explore the houses for sale in these areas.


1. Houses for Sale in Spintex

Spintex has transformed, over the years, into a vibrant residential and mini-industrial hub in Accra. Known for its proximity to areas like East Legon, Tema, and the airport, Spintex offers a range of houses for sale, from modern apartments to luxurious villas in gated estates. The area is characterized by shopping malls, good schools, and a good road network, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a convenient lifestyle.


2. Houses for Sale in East Legon

East Legon stands out as one of Accra's most affluent neighbourhoods. Houses for sale in East Legon are mainly upscale residences, including luxurious houses and modern apartments. East Legon provides an unmatched standard of living, with top-notch schools, high-end shopping centres, and proximity to major business districts.


3. Houses for Sale in Roman Ridge

Roman Ridge is an exclusive residential area known for its tranquillity and upscale living. The tree-lined streets and well-maintained properties create a serene atmosphere. Houses for sale in Roman Ridge are upscale properties and in high demand due to the neighbourhood's proximity to the airport, Airport Hills, Airport Residential, and modern amenities.


4. Houses for Sale in Tse Addo

Tse Addo is an up-and-coming residential area. With its strategic location, Tse Addo provides easy access to business districts like the Trade Fair and entertainment centres like Labadi Beach. The neighbourhood's rapid growth makes it an attractive option for individuals and families looking for both convenience and a sense of community.


5. Houses for Sale in Dzorwulu

Dzorwulu strikes a balance between business and residential delight. The neighbourhood hosts various businesses while offering serene residential enclaves. Houses for sale in Dzorwulu range from modern apartments to well-designed townhouses, providing residents with a diverse range of housing options. The area's central location makes it a practical choice for those who appreciate both urban amenities and residential serenity.


6. Houses for Sale in Ayimensah

Ayimensah offers a peaceful suburban living experience close to nature. Houses for sale in Ayimensah are often surrounded by more lush greenery compared to houses in city centres.  The neighbourhood is ideal for buyers seeking a quieter and more community-oriented lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Financing Your Home Purchase in Accra

Homebuyers in Accra usually have two options when it comes to making payments for the property or house they intend to buy, namely self-financing and mortgages.


Self-Financing Your Home Purchase in Accra

Self-financing offers the advantage of immediate ownership without the complexities of loans or interest. Homebuyers can use personal savings, family assistance, or liquidating investments to make payments for the house, either in full or in monthly instalment payments. This approach provides financial independence, avoiding the need for mortgage approvals and interest payments. Homebuyers can settle on houses within their budget and agree with the seller on the payment plan.


Mortgage Houses for Sale in Accra

Opting for a mortgage, on the other hand, involves securing a loan from a banking institution and spreading the cost of the property over an agreed period, usually between 5 and 20 years. With various mortgage products and government-backed schemes available, this option provides flexibility and makes homeownership more accessible. Mortgages often require a down payment of 20% of the price of the house and a good credit score. Several property sellers in Accra have partnerships with banks to make mortgages more accessible and encourage home buying.


Ready to buy a house in Accra?

Our website has a wide range of listings for houses for sale in Accra. Here, you can meet trusted property developers and real estate agents for smooth and successful real estate transactions. You can also use our Housing and Apartments search tool to make the process of finding your dream house in Accra easy. 



FAQs on Houses for Sale in Accra


What are the popular neighbourhoods to buy houses for sale in Accra?

Accra offers diverse neighbourhoods catering to different preferences. Popular choices include East Legon for upscale living, Spintex for modern developments, and Roman Ridge for tranquil surroundings. Dzorwulu and Osu are also sought-after for their dynamic atmospheres.


How can I secure financing for a house purchase in Accra?

Financing options include self-financing through personal savings or family assistance and mortgages offered by various banking institutions. You can explore government-backed mortgage schemes for lower interest rates.


What types of houses are commonly available for sale in Accra?

Accra's real estate market offers a variety of houses, including estate houses in gated communities, apartments, detached houses for more privacy, semi-detached homes, townhouses, and luxury villas. The market caters to different lifestyles and preferences.


What legal aspects should I consider when buying a house in Accra?

Legal considerations include verifying land titles and lease durations, engaging a legal professional for thorough due diligence, and ensuring all necessary documents have been transferred into your name. Understanding the legal framework and working with experienced professionals is crucial for a smooth property acquisition process in Accra.


Can foreigners buy a house in Accra?

Yes, foreigners can buy a house in Accra. Ghana has a welcoming policy for foreign investors and buyers, allowing them to own both developed and undeveloped land. However, the lease period for foreigners owning land in Ghana is 50 years.



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