Dzorwulu: Luxury Living Meets High Demand in Accra

Dzorwulu isn't just an address, it's a coveted lifestyle. Finding a house to rent here can be challenging, but the rewards are undeniable. Residents rave about the developed infrastructure and convenient amenities, making it no surprise that finding a house up for grabs feels like striking gold.


Spacious Living:

Prepare to explore houses with 3 to 6 bedrooms, catering to families or those seeking extra space. While affordability varies, be ready to invest.


Affordable Options:

Start your search with 3-bedroom houses priced around US$500. Remember, condition and age might reflect the lower price tag.

Luxury Living Redefined:

Modern, fully furnished 3-bedroom townhouses begin at US$2,500. These often include "boys quarters", reflecting the area's high-class living standards.

Stepping Up the Space:

4-bedroom houses range from US$3,500 to US$5,000, offering ample room for families or shared living.

Remember: Limited availability meets high demand in Dzorwulu. Act fast when you find a house that fits your needs and budget.


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