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Find a list of Houses for rent in Accra for Free here. Houses for rent in Accra is very common, this is because Ghanaian Families are usually pretty large, with lots of siblings holding on to their claim for their inherited property. In such cases, all family members move out at some point and the house is put out for rent. Dividends from Rent is usually shared amongst the siblings. When Renting Houses in Accra, you may be confronted with Family issues as well.


House for Rent in Accra: Essential Tips for Finding Rental Houses 

Looking to rent a house in Accra? Perhaps you’re relocating to Accra for work and need a place to stay long-term. Or you’ll be in Accra for a business trip or a long holiday and prefer to rent a house rather than stay with friends or in a hotel in Accra. Then you have come to the right place because the RealEstateInGhana marketplace is the ideal place to begin your search for a house for rent in Accra. 

Our website has hundreds of houses listed for rent in Accra and what’s more interesting is that you can use our search tool to narrow down your options and find your ideal house for rent in seconds.

But before you get to that part, here are a few essential tips from our property experts on how to find rental houses that fall within your budget and also meet your preferences. 


The Reality of Renting in Accra

Accra is the most expensive city in Ghana in terms of rent. Property prices have skyrocketed ever since the real estate landscape took an upward turn. As a result, many people have been forced to relocate out of the city to either the outskirts or even a different city altogether due to the prices of rental properties.

The cause of this can mostly be attributed to rapid urbanization and gentrification. This means that if you are going to rent a house in a decent location in the city centre, then you must first set a realistic budget. Fortunately, there are still lots of houses in decent locations for rent that fall within a reasonable price range, even for the average Ghanaian.

Expats and foreigners, however, will most likely find the rents in Accra less expensive compared to other major cities like London or Orlando, due to the cedi’s value against the dollar, euro, or pound. 

The Most Common Types of Houses for Rent in Accra

All renters aren’t the same—different budgets, different preferences, different lifestyles. However, one unique feature of Accra's real estate market is the wide range of properties available to cater to the city's diverse population. So at the end of the day, all renters get something that suits their preferences and lifestyles.


Apartments for rent in Accra 

Apartments are a common housing option in the city centres of Accra, offering convenience, accessibility, and a range of modern amenities and maintenance services.

Features of Apartments for rent in Accra 

  1. Apartments vary in size, from studio apartments to larger units with 3–4 bedrooms, suitable for individuals, couples, and families.
  2. Apartments can be found in high-rise buildings, low-rise complexes, and gated communities across neighbourhoods like Osu, East Legon, and Ridge.
  3. Renting an apartment in Accra often provides residents with proximity to commercial areas, like shopping malls, entertainment venues, and public transportation hubs.

Townhouses for rent in Accra

Townhouses in Accra are multi-story buildings that share both walls with neighbouring units, usually within gated estates.

Features of houses for rent in Accra

  1. Renting townhouses usually means you get to share amenities like swimming pools or playgrounds with those in the estate.
  2. Townhouses are popular among renters seeking a sense of community, security, and access to communal amenities while still enjoying the comfort of a standalone house.


Detached Houses for rent in Accra

Detached houses are standalone properties that offer both residents who buy or rent maximum privacy and independence, especially those that are gated.

Features of detached houses for rent in Accra

  1. They often feature spacious interiors, multiple bedrooms (from 2 upwards), living areas, and outdoor spaces like gardens or yards.
  2. Detached houses are typically found in suburban areas or gated communities such as East Legon, Airport Residential Area, Cantonments and other upcoming neighbourhoods like Oyibi, Amrahia, Pokuasi, Oyarifa, etc.


Semi-Detached Houses for Rent in Accra

Semi-detached houses, also known as duplexes, are similar to detached houses but share a common wall with another unit.

Features of semi-detached houses for rent in Accra

  1. Each unit has its own entrance, facilities, and outdoor space, providing a balance of privacy and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Semi-detached houses are prevalent in both suburban and urban areas of Accra, offering a middle ground between detached houses and apartments in terms of space and affordability.

Mansions or Villas for rent in Accra

Luxury mansions or villas are grand properties that offer upscale living experiences in exclusive neighbourhoods of Accra. These types of houses can be found in exclusive neighbourhoods like Airpot Hills, Airport Vally, Cantonments, East Legon, Cantonments, Ridge, and Dzorwulu.

Features of mansions or villas for rent in Accra

They often feature high-end finishes, spacious interiors, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, and premium amenities.
Affluent individuals, expatriates, and diplomatic personnel who are seeking luxurious accommodations and a high standard of living usually rent these types of houses.

Serviced Apartments or Houses for rent in Accra

Serviced apartments or houses are fully furnished properties that come with additional services such as concierge service, housekeeping, laundry, and 24/7 security.

Features of service apartments or houses for rent in Accra

  1. They are ideal for short-term stays, expatriates, and corporate travellers seeking hassle-free accommodation in Accra.
  2. Serviced apartments are available in various sizes and configurations, offering flexibility and convenience for residents.
  3. They are mostly common in neighbourhoods close to the airport.

These diverse types of houses for rent in Accra cater to a wide range of preferences, budgets, and lifestyle needs. But how do you find your ideal rental property? Let’s look at some tips below.


Best Practices for finding your ideal house for rent in Accra

Whether you’re renting a house in Accra for the long term or the short term, here are a few essential tips and steps you can take to ensure it’s hassle-free.


1. Start your search early

Beginning your search for a rental property in Accra well in advance offers several advantages. Rental properties in popular neighbourhoods or with desirable amenities can be in high demand, so starting early allows you to explore a wider range of options and make a more informed decision rather than a hasty decision that you might end up regretting.

Early planning also provides you with the opportunity to thoroughly research different neighbourhoods, visit potential rental properties, and assess their suitability based on factors such as proximity to work, transportation options, safety, and overall livability.


2. Determine your budget and location

Budget and location usually go hand in hand. Your budget is more likely to influence your choice of location and your location will influence your budget. If you’re operating on an unlimited budget, then it’s best to focus on looking for a location that suits your lifestyle, but if you have a limited budget, then you need to find a location that will accommodate your budget.

Know how much you can afford to spend on rent each month or a year and look for locations that offer your choice of house. While your budget can get you a two-bedroom in a particular location, that same amount can get you only a single room self-contained in another place. For example, GHC 1500 can rent a two-bedroom house or flat in Pokuasi or Ayimensah, while the same amount will only rent a single self-contained room in Tse Addo or Cantonment.


3. Decide on the type of house

After determining your budget and preferred location, the next thing is to decide on the type of property that best suits your needs. You should consider factors such as the size of your family, lifestyle preferences, desired amenities, and long-term plans. Whether you decide on a detached house, an apartment, a townhouse, or other types of properties, ensure it aligns with your budget and lifestyle requirements.


4. Utilize multiple channels for your search

Now, to ensure you get the best deals on the market, it’s sometimes recommended to use multiple channels to search for rental properties in Accra, especially if you’re not engaging the services of a realtor. Explore real estate listing websites like RealEstateInGhana or social media groups to get several options you can choose from.

Alternatively, you can work with reputable real estate agents or property management companies to maximize your chances of finding the right property.

5. View the property in person

Once you've identified potential rental properties that meet your criteria, schedule viewings to inspect them in person. This step is crucial for evaluating the condition of the property, especially if you are renting for the long term since pictures can sometimes be deceptive. The sizes of the rooms and their suitability might not be as you imagined from the pictures.

Inspecting it yourself helps you assess factors such as the overall condition of the property, layout, amenities, neighbourhood, proximity to essential services, and any maintenance or repair needs.


6. Negotiate and make payment

After viewing the property and confirming your interest, initiate negotiations with the landlord or property manager regarding rental terms, lease duration, monthly rent, security deposit, and any additional fees or conditions. Be prepared to negotiate terms that are favourable to both parties, taking into account market conditions, property value, and budgetary constraints.

Once you've reached an agreement, request a lease agreement and review it carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as any clauses or provisions that may impact your tenancy.

When both parties have agreed to the terms, make the necessary payments, sign the lease agreement and ensure that you receive a copy for your records. 


Ready to start your search for a house to rent in Accra?

As we stated earlier, our website has thousands of various types of houses for rent in Accra. You can start by browsing through our listings or by using our search tool to get ideal options for your next rental house in Accra. Always remember to secure a signed lease agreement that protects your interests as a tenant.

FAQs on houses for rent in Accra

Do I need to pay in advance and for how many years?

Generally, landlords in Accra require tenants to pay rent in advance before occupying the rental property. The specific payment terms may vary depending on the landlord or property management company. Typically, tenants are required to pay rent for 1–2 years in advance, even though the law requires a maximum of 6 months.


Are utilities included in the rent?

Whether utilities such as water and electricity are included in the rent depends on the terms of the lease agreement. In some cases, landlords may include certain utilities as part of the rent, while in others, tenants are responsible for paying utility bills separately. Clarify with the landlord or property manager which utilities are covered in the rent and which ones you'll be responsible for paying.

Does the government have a loan scheme for renting?

Yes. Under the National Rental Assistance Scheme, regular income earners find a place based on their income level and the government pays the hefty advance directly to the landlord. The tenant then pays this back in monthly instalments.


What are the rights and responsibilities of tenants in Accra?

Tenants in Accra have certain rights and responsibilities outlined by law and specified in the lease agreement. Common tenant rights include the right to a habitable living environment, privacy, and protection against unlawful eviction. Tenants are typically responsible for paying rent on time, maintaining the property in good condition, and adhering to the terms of the lease agreement.




Where the Rich, the Upper Class and Top National -International Companies Rent in Accra Ghana

Spintex & Spintex Road
East Cantonments
Airport Residential Area
Airport Hills 
East Legon 
Legon Hills
Roman Ridge
Osu (Mainly Oxford Street and immediate surroundings)
Manet (Spintex and Nungua Main Road)
Regimanuel (Spintex and Nungua Main Road)
Achimota Golf Hills


Where the Middle Class, the Upper Class and Top National -International National Companies Rent in Accra Ghana

Oyibi (New developing area with infrastructure under or no construction)
Amrahia (New developing area with infrastructure under or no construction)
Dodowa (New developing area with infrastructure under or no construction)
Tema (some upper class)
Sakumono (a few Upper Class)
Spintex (Baatsonaa)
Nyaniba Estate 
North Legon
Ashaley Botwe 
Oyarifa (New developing area with infrastructure under or no construction)
Ashongman Estates (New developing area with infrastructure under or no construction)
ACP Estate
West Hills (Mile 11)
Kaneshie (has it's Top Sections & areas)


Where Housing deficit may exist and Long Term Investment for Rental in Accra Ghana is needed

James Town 
Korle Gonno
Ussher Town
Tudu (Area)
Lapaz (Some Middle Class live here as well)



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