Appolonia City, Ghana: All You Need to Know About Accra’s Newest City

Appolonia City has been in the limelight for a couple of years and has been making waves in the real estate market of Accra and the whole region. So where is this newest city in Accra and what should I know before I decide to buy a property and settle...

House Prices in Ghana: How Much Does It Cost to Buy a House in Ghana?

For someone preparing to buy a house in Ghana, it’s only natural to have questions or wonder about house prices in Ghana. Since budget plays a crucial role in buying a house, it’s best to know the price of the property you are interested in to determine whether you can...

Buy a House in Ghana: Essential Things to Know About the Real Estate Landscape

Aside from financial readiness, a lot goes into finally becoming a homeowner. Researching and understanding the real estate market or landscape also plays a crucial role in the entire process. This ensures you get a clear picture of the real estate market, avoid costly mistakes, and get a property that...

Addressing Urban Sprawl in Ghana: Challenges and Solutions

Explore the complexities of urban sprawl in Ghana through Rahim Newton's insightful analysis. This article delves into the challenges of rapid urbanization, housing crises, and the impact of inadequate planning on Ghana's major cities. Discover the intricate relationship between land tenure systems, government policies, and the growing demand for infrastructure....

Cheap Houses for Sale in Ghana: Exploring Affordable Homes

In recent years, the real estate market in Ghana has witnessed a surge in demand, especially when it comes to residential properties. As the country experiences rapid urbanization and youth population growth, the need for cost-effective homes has become increasingly apparent.

The Address by Devtraco Plus - A New Epoch in Ghana's Luxury Living

Welcome to our exclusive feature on, where we recently had the privilege of interviewing key figures behind the groundbreaking project, The Address by Devtraco Plus. This article also spotlights RealEstateInGhana and OWNHM as the premier portals for exploring and acquiring elite properties in Ghana, like The Address.

All you need to know about investing in Real estate in Ghana

Ghana is a hotspot for tourists looking to learn more about black culture and African history and expats interested in relocating to Africa for both the long and short term. Many travellers and foreigners troop into the country for vacations, business, or pleasure and all seek comfortable accommodations, like hotels,...

Mortgage Houses in Ghana for sale in 2024

A mortgage is one of the most popular routes aspiring homeowners use to become actual homeowners. The term mortgage originates from a French law term, and it is one of the most popular ways of financing properties in American and European countries and other parts of the world, including Ghana.

Mortgage In Ghana: Trusted Mortgage Providers To Help Finance Your Home

The current state of Ghana’s real estate market in terms of market prices doesn’t make it easy for the average-income Ghanaian to buy or build their own houses, especially for those in urban cities like Accra and Kumasi. As a result, most average-income Ghanaians resort to renting, which isn’t a...

Real Estate Firms In Ghana - Top and Trusted

The Ghanaian real estate market is currently performing well and the market has real estate firms in Ghana and the high demand for houses due to the housing deficit to thank for this boom. The real estate firms in Ghana have been at the forefront of helping bridge the country’s...

Property Ghana: All You Need To Know When Buying Properties In Ghana

Before buying any type of real estate property in Ghana, one needs to understand the rules governing the class and ownership of land. All real estate properties sprout from land, and only by becoming acquainted with the laws will you be able to purchase your property without any legal complications.

Cheap houses for sale in Accra: How To Find Good Deals

The Accra housing market offers great prospects for homeowners of all levels. Whether you're looking to purchase or lease, here are some reasons to invest in some good cheap houses for sale in Accra; including where to look for that affordable purchase.