The concept of affordable housing in Ghana has gained significant traction over the years, particularly in urban areas such as Accra and Kumasi, where buying a house can appear to be an impossible task for the average Ghanaian. However, in recent times, the government, in collaboration with some private real estate developers, is currently implementing projects aimed at building affordable houses in Ghana so that low to middle-income earners can afford decent homes. 

As the country continues to experience rapid urbanization and population growth, the demand for housing has surged, making affordable houses in Ghana a focal point for both the government and private real estate developers. 

At RealEstateInGhana, we believe that understanding the nuances of affordable housing in Ghana is critical for anyone looking to invest in or buy a home. So in this article, we take you through all there is to know about the concept of affordable housing in Ghana and where you can buy these affordable houses in Ghana.


affordable housing
Saglemi Housing Project


Ghana’s Housing Landscape: Insights from RealEstateInGhana

Many Ghanaians have observed firsthand the pressing housing challenges that Ghana grapples with. The country is faced with an overwhelming housing gap of over 1.7 million houses, which means there is always demand for houses but not enough supply.

This housing gap plays a significant role in the high cost of rental prices and houses, especially in urban cities where private investors dominate the market. Renters and home buyers are mostly at the mercy of individual landlords who seek to make profits rather than provide access to affordable housing in Ghana for the average Ghanaian.

When we delved deeper, we identified that a notable segment of Ghanaians face hurdles in accessing basic amenities, even in some parts of Accra.

  • Nearly 29% are dependent on well water and rainwater.
  • Over one-third are forced to use communal latrines.
  • Alarmingly, around 10% of the population lacks structured waste management systems.

The Rental Dilemma

A recurring grievance that most Ghanaians face in rural areas is the unregulated demands of landlords, with some seeking rent advances of 2-3 years for residential houses and 5-10 years for commercial properties. As a result, renters are diverting a significant portion of their earnings, often more than seven months' worth, to secure a decent roof over their heads for a maximum of two years.

The Pandemic’s Amplification of Housing Issues

When COVID-19 hit Ghana, it intensified the pre-existing housing dilemmas:

  • A lot of Ghanaians lost their jobs and couldn’t spare a significant portion of their non-existent salary to rent decent houses so they had to move to find cheaper houses that lacked basic amenities.
  • Hygiene Hurdles: A considerable number of people who lost their jobs and a decent place to stay were forced to stay in unsanitary conditions. 
  • Some people had to boycott urban living and their dreams altogether and move back to their hometowns because rent became too expensive


What is Affordable Housing in Ghana?

Affordable housing in Ghana, in its simplest terms, refers to housing units that are financially accessible to the average Ghanaian. These affordable homes for sale in Ghana are priced in a way that doesn’t compromise the quality of life of the buyer or renter. 

  • Homes that don’t exceed 30% of a household’s gross income are generally considered affordable.
  • It encompasses a range of housing options, from rental apartments to purchased homes, ensuring that every Ghanaian, regardless of their income bracket, has a roof over their head.

In Ghana, the government, through the State Housing Company and other private entities, is in charge of ensuring that the basic human right to housing is met for the average Ghanaian. 


Affordable Houses in Ghana
Affordable Houses in Ghana


State Housing Company Limited: Pioneering Affordable Houses in Ghana

At RealEstateInGhana, we are always on the lookout for companies that are making a big difference in the Ghanaian real estate market. The State Housing Company Ltd. (SHC) is one such entity that has caught our attention. As a state-owned company, SHC has been at the forefront of providing solutions to affordable housing in Ghana, and here’s a closer look at their commendable efforts.


A Brief History of SHC

The State Housing Company Limited was originally established as the Gold Coast Housing Corporation back in 1956 under the Gold Coast Housing Corporation Ordinance 1955 (No. 31). In 1965, its name was changed to the State Housing Corporation, with a clear mandate to “increase the availability of dwelling houses in Ghana.”


SHC’s Commitment to Affordable Housing in Ghana

  • Quality and Affordability: SHC’s primary mandate is to provide quality and affordable houses in Ghana so all Ghanaians can conveniently afford a decent place to call home. They have properties located all over the country, which is a testament to their commitment.
  • Innovative Housing Solutions: From the John Agyekum Kufuor Estates to their Surge Homes, SHC has consistently introduced housing solutions that cater to various income brackets. Their recent one is the Pokuasi Affordable Housing Project, which aims to build 8,000 housing units.
  • Easy Home Ownership: SHC has made owning a home incredibly accessible. Interested individuals can simply pick up an application form from any of their offices or apply via their online platform. With a non-refundable processing fee of GH₵ 1000 and an initial deposit, one can be on their way to owning a home.
  • Mortgage Solutions: In collaboration with the Republic Bank, SHC offers mortgage plans that make financing a home more manageable for Ghanaians.


What are the options for Affordable Houses in Ghana?

Now to the billion-dollar question of the day. Where can the average Ghanaian get affordable houses in Ghana to buy? A place they can have their name attached to and call their own.

To answer this question, RealEstateInGhana has curated a list of affordable houses in Ghana from both government and private real estate developers. Let's delve into nine options you can get affordable homes for sale in Ghana.


Affordable Houses In Asokore Mampong (Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II):

First on the list of affordable houses in Ghana are the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II residences located at Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti Region. This is one of the government’s affordable housing in Ghana projects under the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT). It was initiated in 2006 and handed over to SSNIT in 2015.

The project has since been completed and renamed after the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. The residence comprises 91 apartment blocks with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, and it’s estimated to house over 1000 civil servants.

Pricing ranges from GH₵ 99,000- 142,500 for a 1-bedroom apartment, GH₵ 182,000 for a 2-bed and GH₵  335,000 for a 3-bedroom apartment. 



Pokuase Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

This is a 14,000 housing unit government project with two locations—Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region and Dedesua in the Ashanti Region. While the Ashanti Region project is yet to take off, the Greater Accra Region project has already started. There are currently 8,000 housing units being built to cater to the housing deficit. The project is divided into two phases and is being handled by five different developers, namely, State Housing Company Limited, Devtraco Group, Rehoboth Properties, FrankPauls Ventures, and Douja Promotion.

The apartments range from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. The prices will be as follows:

  •  A studio apartment will be sold at $13,800 
  • 1-bedroom will cost $ 20,700
  • 2-bedroom will cost $34,500
  • 3-bedroom will cost $42,800


Developers can choose to sell it for less but the prices can’t exceed the government threshold. The good thing about this housing project is that there is flexibility in the payment, you can choose to pay outright, in installments, or get a mortgage. For instance, SHC has partnered with the Republic Bank to provide mortgages to government workers who have an interest in buying some of these houses.


Appolonia Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

In 2020, Appolonia City Estate partnered with CoFundie, a real estate crowdfunding platform in Africa, to build affordable houses in Ghana for the average Ghanaian. This partnership aims to build 25,000 affordable luxury homes in Ghana to accommodate 80,000 people.

The project, which is located at Oyibi, off the Accra-Aburi road, is currently selling with options for 1-3 bedroom houses. It is the plan of the stakeholders to utilize land and building materials to reduce the cost of the houses so expect to see townhouses and semi-detached houses.

Their payment plans include outright payments, self-financing in installments for a period of 12-18 months, and mortgages.


Appolonia Homes



Gbetsile Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

This project, which will be built on 43 acres of land in the growing suburb of Gbetsile along the Tema-Afienya road in the Greater Accra region, intends to build 400 houses. It is a gated community that is being constructed by Emefs Construction Limited.

One interesting thing about these houses is that they are expandable to the specifications of the buyer. What this means is that you can purchase a 3-bedroom house and tell the construction company to add an additional bedroom to make it 4 at an additional cost. The community will have access to security and basic amenities like water storage, internet access, a playground, a gymnasium, schools, and a shopping centre.

Their houses have 2-3 bedrooms and they offer a 2-year payment plan for you to spread the payments.


Shai Hills Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

This project is also known as Landfield Affordable Housing, which is being handled by Homa Homes. It is a collaborative effort between Ghana and China and the initiative will spread across 16 individual functional communities. Each community will have 1250 housing units with 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. The aim of the project is to provide decent affordable houses in Ghana so the ordinary Ghanaian can own a house.

With this project, you can pay 25% of the price upfront, move in, and pay the rest in installments over a period of time.


Borteyman Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

This project was taken over by SSNIT in 2013 and it has been completed and opened for sale. It is an estate that offers 744 one-bedroom and 792 two-bedroom apartments, managed by SSNIT.

It is located off the Tema-Accra highway and is only a 10-minute drive from East Legon, making it easy to get to Accra for work and other activities. Features include a market and essential amenities like gyms and shopping centres.


Borteyman Affordable Housing


Kpone Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

In 2011, the government released 150 acres of land after its partnership with the United States. The aim was to construct 2,500 affordable houses in Ghana so the ordinary Ghanaian could afford a decent living.

The Tema Development Corporation (TDC) is working on this project in Tema Community 26, and it consists of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom houses, and prices range from $8000-$28,000.

The houses are currently for sale, and the property is managed by TDC.


Saglemi Affordable Housing in Ghana Project

The Saglemi affordable housing project was one of the largest affordable houses for sale in Ghana project when it was revealed in 2012. It was supposed to produce about 5,000 housing units in Prampram but it has been abandoned nearly halfway through.

It has recently come to light that the government intends to revive the project or sell it to private investors to continue building. This means that it is possible that the project will be open for the public to purchase the units soon.


Other Affordable Estate Houses for Sale in Ghana

From the above list, it is evident that the government and other private entities are working hard to provide affordable houses in Ghana. However, relying on these options can limit your options, especially since the government's options aren’t as many or even as affordable as the ordinary Ghanaian might have hoped.

Therefore, we advise that as you search for affordable houses in Ghana, keep your options open and consider other available properties from private real estate firms. For instance, platforms like OWNHM do their best to connect you with affordable estate houses for sale in Ghana, real estate agents, and developers so you can get a decent roof over your head at an affordable price. 

Check out this house in Gbetsile if you are looking for a 2-bedroom affordable home.


cluster of houses on one plot (1)
Affordable Estate Houses for Sale in Ghana by Sucasa under construction



What are the Disadvantages of Buying Government Affordable Homes for Sale in Ghana?

The initiative for affordable homes for sale in Ghana by the government is great. It will help reduce the housing deficit of the country and make affordable homes for sale in Ghana possible for the average-income Ghanaian.

However, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. Let's take a look.


Competition with others over Affordable Homes for Sale in Ghana

There are a lot of people competing for very limited housing units. Due to the competitive prices, government affordable houses for sale in Accra Ghana sell out quickly and since the projects are limited, it becomes a lot more difficult to purchase these houses especially if you are not paying outright.


Affordable Houses for Sale in Ghana Risks Project Abonnement

The government in power can decide not to continue with a particular project for political reasons. For instance, the Saglemi housing project was discontinued for political reasons. And that isn't the first affordable houses for sale in Ghana project that has been abandoned for political reasons.

Since there is a possibility of project abandonment, it is a bit risky to depend on or even pay upfront for a government affordable housing project. The project risks being halted and your investment can be tied up.


Affordable Houses for Sale in Ghana Risks Changes in Government Regulations

Since the project belongs to the government until it is sold out, the rules can be changed at any time. For example, there have been some concerns raised by the public and other stakeholders for the government to convert the Asokore Mampong affordable homes for sale in Ghana into a hostel. Although the project is not completely sold out, some people have already purchased some of the houses, so if the government decides to convert the place, or even a portion of it, into hostels, it might not be the environment you expected to stay.


Affordable Homes for Sale in Ghana Risks no Development and Bad Management after Completion

Unlike affordable estate houses for sale in Accra that are owned by private companies with full estate and property management services, government affordable houses for sale in Accra Ghana risk poor or no management services after completion. Once the government has finished selling the houses, the estate and its maintenance will most likely be left to those who purchased it to manage on their own.


Affordable Houses for sale in Accra Ghana are usually far from Work Places

Most of the government affordable houses for sale in Accra Ghana are on the outskirts of Accra, like Amasaman and Prampram. These neighbourhoods are far from the business centres of the capital like Makora, Tudu, Lapaz, Labone, and so on. This means that it will take you probably more than two hours to commute to work every day if your work is located in the centre of Accra considering the intensity of Accra traffic.


Affordable Houses for Sale in Ghana Faces Area Infrastructural Disadvantages

Since most of the affordable housing projects by the government can be found on the outskirts of Accra in what seems to be now developing communities, they lack basic infrastructure and social amenities. For instance, bad road networks to the houses, lack of pipe water, unstable networks, and lack of good schools and hospitals.


infrastuctural problems (1)
Houses in a developing area lacking infrastructure development


Mortgage Financing in Ghana: How to Get a Mortgage for Affordable Houses in Ghana

Now that we have established that it’s possible to get a mortgage when buying a house, let’s explore how a mortgage works in Ghana.


Understanding Mortgage Financing

Mortgage financing refers to the process of obtaining a loan to buy a house. In Ghana, some banks give homeowners mortgages not only to buy but also to build or renovate their houses. In this arrangement, the house serves as collateral for the loan. It’s a popular method used by homeowners worldwide to acquire homes without paying the full price upfront.

Banks that offer mortgage loans in Ghana include:

  • First National Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA) 
  • Absa Bank
  • Cal Bank
  • Republic Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Ecobank


Most of these banks will give you a mortgage to buy a home from any real estate developer but there are some that have partnered with companies producing affordable houses in Ghana to make the process easier. For instance, State Housing Company Limited has partnered with Republic Bank to give mortgages to government workers who are interested in buying some of their properties.



About State Housing Company Limited’s Mortgage Loan 

The State Housing Company Ltd. has partnered with Republic Bank to offer a mortgage facility for government workers who wish to buy some of their affordable estate houses for sale in Accra and other parts of Ghana. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Interest Rate: The facility offers an attractive interest rate of 11.9%. Given the competitive nature of mortgage rates in the market, this is a rate that promises affordability over the long term.

Loan Amount: The mortgage covers an amount of GH₵ 140,000. This means that properties priced at GH₵ 140,000 and below from the State Housing Company are fully covered by this loan.

Repayment Period: The loan comes with a repayment period of 20 years, which ensures manageable monthly installments.

Flexible Usage: While the loan is ideally suited for properties priced at GH₵ 140,000 and below, it can also be used as a supplementary payment for properties that are priced above GH₵ 140,000. This flexibility ensures that you have a wider range of properties to choose from.

To get this mortgage, contact Republic Bank to pick up an application form. Note that only government workers qualify for this mortgage.


Conditions for Mortgage Financing with State Housing Company Limited

According to SHC, below are the conditions to keep in mind before applying for mortgage financing:

a. The price list and description of houses are intended for information only and are not to be regarded as forming part of or the basis of any future contract. The actual purchase price of a house shall be the prevailing price at the time when the house is completed. 

b. The prices of the houses shall not be increased within three calendar months of payment of the requisite deposit, provided that full payment is made within the period. 

c. S.H.C. shall commit itself to start constructing a house when and only when at least a 50% deposit of the proposed selling price has been paid by the Applicant/depositor. 

d. Payment of the requisite deposits constitutes an offer by the applicant to be considered for an allocation of the house only and not an acceptance by the Company to allocate a house at any particular stage, phase, or site to the Applicant/depositor. 

e. Such deposit shall not carry interest and the same shall be refunded to the Depositor upon demand made not more than three months from the date of such demand, where the deposit paid is less than the requisite deposit, i.e., 50% of the house price. 

f. Should the depositor/applicant demand a refund of the deposit, State Housing Company shall be at liberty to deduct 1% from the deposit towards administrative and other charges in the following cases: i. Where the deposit paid is at least 50% of the house price; or ii. Where the depositor requires a refund before the three months stated in (e) above have elapsed. 

g. The company reserves the right to increase the level of the requisite deposit at any time and in the event of such an increase, applicants may choose to make up their deposit to qualify under new terms or withdraw their deposits under the existing conditions stated above. 

h. Upon full payment of the price of a house, a contract shall be executed between S.H.C. and the Applicant specifying the house to be allocated.


Affordable Houses For Sale In Ghana—Final Thoughts

With Ghana’s housing deficit and rapid urbanization, it’s not a surprise that houses are quite expensive, especially in urban cities like Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi.

It is our hope that more private entities join hands with the government to provide affordable houses for sale in Ghana so that the average Ghanaian can afford a decent place to call home. In addition, homeowners should consider the urban outskirts when looking for affordable houses in Ghana, rather than limiting their search to the centre of Accra and other major cities.

These new communities around the outskirts offer better living conditions, competitive and affordable prices, and the freedom to shape your community into what you want it to be. 


Read also on Luxury Homes in Ghana.


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