Most real estate investments start with the acquisition of a piece of land. Without a piece of land, your real estate investment goals wouldn’t be achieved. However, the process of acquiring land can be daunting, especially in urban cities like Accra, Kumasi, Tema, and Takoradi. Aside from the huge sums of money involved in purchasing a piece of land for sale in Accra, the process it takes to finally get your land registered can take several months.

In this guide, RealEstateInGhana discusses Ghana’s Land Tenure System and some of the challenges of buying land for sale in Accra and other major cities like Kumasi. We also talk about the practices to follow when it comes to buying land in the country.


Ghana’s Land Tenure System

Before buying land in Ghana, one needs to understand the rules and regulations concerning how land is owned and managed in Ghana, that is, the land tenure system, to avoid making costly mistakes that will tie up their investment or cause them to lose it. 


Types of Lands in Ghana: Land for Sale in Accra

There are five types of land in Ghana that an individual can purchase. A piece of land for sale in Accra, or other parts of the country could be:

  • A Stool/ Customary Land
  • A Government Land
  • A Vested Land
  • A Family Land
  • A Private Land


Stool/ Customary Lands

These are lands that belong to a particular ethnic group. It is owned by the customary rulers or traditional chiefs and sub-chiefs of a town or community. For example, the traditional chiefs of the Greater-Accra region own most of the land in the region. It is believed that their ancestors settled on those lands and some fought to lay claims to them. They have been entrusted to the chiefs and principal eldest, who decide what to do with the land and who to sell it to. 

About 80% of lands across Ghana are customary lands and the government has no control over those lands. The traditional chiefs and their principal eldest sell them to individuals who are interested in buying them. They can also decide to gift them to individuals who wish to pursue developmental projects in their community. 


Government Land

Government lands, as the name implies, are those owned by the government. These lands have been preserved for government developmental projects like schools, hospitals, offices of government agencies, etc. To buy government land, you will need to apply through the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission.


Vested Lands

These lands belong to both the government and the Stool. Vested lands come into existence when the government forges a partnership with local or traditional chiefs. To buy this type of land, you must seek approval from the traditional chiefs and apply to the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Lands Commission.


Family Lands

These types of lands have been passed down through families from generation to generation. The head of the family (Ebusuapayin) manages the land together with principal family members. They can decide to sell a portion of the land or to strictly keep the land for only family members.


Private Lands

Individuals come to own private lands after purchasing them from traditional chiefs, the government, or a head of family with the intention of reselling or developing them. For instance, a real estate developer might buy a piece of stool land with the aim of reselling it and turning a profit. When the processing is done and the land is released to the developer, it becomes private land.



A plot of Land for sale in Kumasi
Private land for sale in Accra Ghana



Land Titles in Ghana

There are three types of land titles in Ghana, namely:

  • Allodial
  • Freehold
  • Leasehold


Allodial title

Allodial title tops the list as the highest legally recognised land title. However, only the government, traditional leaders, and families can hold this title.


Freehold Title

Freehold title is given to the land that an individual or group of people get from the traditional leader as a gift or inheritance. It is the second-highest interest that can be held in land in Ghana and it is created for an indefinite period.

When it comes to Freehold titles, there are two types. They are:


1. Customary Freehold

Under customary freehold, individuals or groups hold an interest in land that is exclusively owned by a traditional community that the interest holders belong to or are members of. It is an interest that is inherited by the successors of the individual or subgroup until there are no successors. This carries on as long as the successors recognise the superior title of the traditional stool and perform certain rites to the stool. 


2. Common Law Freehold

Common Law Freehold and Customary Freehold share some similarities. The only difference between the two is that the interest in the land can be acquired by both non-members and members of the traditional community that owns the land. 



As the name suggests, a leasehold is an interest in land that details a specific start and end date. Leaseholds are usually for a period of 99 years for Ghanaians and 50 years for foreigners, subject to renewal or not. A piece of land for sale in Accra will typically be a leasehold or a sublease (buying from a private individual who owns a leasehold title). 


What are Some Common Issues Associated with Buying Land For Sale in Accra Ghana?

When it comes to buying a piece of land for sale in Accra, buyers are faced with several issues that hinder the process and delay it. Some of these issues even have the potential to tie up one's investment for years or even cause them to lose it altogether. 

Many land buyers in Ghana have had to deal with these issues at some point in their buying journey.


1. Land Litigation

Land litigation is a persistent issue that most land buyers face, especially in urban cities like Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Kasoa, and so on. Land litigation is a dispute that arises when two or more people believe they are the rightful owners of a piece of land. This dispute arises as a result of family feuds, greediness on the part of land sellers, poor land systems, and corruption.

There have been several instances where a piece of land has been sold to two or more people due to the poor systems in place for land registration or due to greed and family feuds. Most of these cases get tied up in court for a long time (some can take more than 10 years to settle). Many people have lost their money because they bought a piece of land with litigation issues and lost the land in court or lost interest in following up due to the number of years. 

Recently, the government launched a programme to help digitize land registration and we hope this will go a long way towards preventing the land litigation that we most often see in urban cities.


2. Land Encroachment

Although most of the land encroachment we hear about happens on government lands, private lands belonging to individuals are also encroached on by neighbours and locals. 

For instance, let’s say you buy a piece of land for sale in Accra and are yet to develop it. Your neighbour can build their house and encroach on a portion of your land while you are away, thereby “stealing” a portion of your land. And since there are poor land systems in place, they might get away with the act.

Also, some people sell government lands to unsuspecting land buyers. When you buy such a piece of land for sale in Accra or any part of the country, you will be encroaching on government property and your property might be demolished when the government is ready to use the land for a project.



3. Processing Issues

The Ghana Land Commission also has shortcomings when it comes to land registration. Due to some of the poor structures and systems in place, there are document processing delays and even extortion before your documents are processed. This discourages a lot of people from going to register their land with the agency after they purchase it.



Land for Sale in Accra: Where Can You Get Land to Buy in Accra?

Getting a clean piece of land in Accra can be a little bit tough due to the land issues discussed above. However, that shouldn’t stop you from investing in land or real estate because there are still legit lands being sold. The most important thing is to be aware and vigilant. 

So where can you get a plot of land for sale in Accra?

It is possible to get a piece of land for sale in all parts of Accra. Even in affluent areas like Cantonments, Airpot Residential Area, Labone, or East Legon, where it appears impossible to obtain vacant land. What matters is your budget and finding industry professionals who can connect you with landowners in these areas to obtain undeveloped land.

The purpose or what you intend to use the land for will play a role in where you buy land. If the land is for your own residential purposes, then it may not need to be in the central part of Accra, unlike for commercial purposes. Some landowners sell their property solely for the purpose of a specific project. A landowner, for example, may decide to lease a portion of their property if the buyer intends to use it solely for commercial purposes.

You can get land from individuals, family heads, or serviced plots from real estate developers to buy in all parts of Accra. There are also customary lands where you can approach traditional chiefs and their principal eldest of the community you want to buy land from and ask them to sell you land. And there is also the option of applying for government or vested lands through the Lands Commission.


Beachfront land for sale in Accra Ghana


Neighbourhoods with Land for Sale in Accra

Let's look at some of the neighbourhoods where you can find a decent piece of land for sale in Accra for either residential or commercial purposes and their prices.


Land for Sale in Accra, East Legon

East Legon is a very decent neighbourhood that offers great opportunities for both residential and commercial purposes. It is a neighbourhood that is home to the rich and affluent in Accra as well as expats.

The neighbourhood is well developed, with good road networks, electricity, great schools like Eden International and Queen’s International, good hospitals, and exclusive restaurants like the Honey Suckle. If you are looking to buy land for residential or commercial purposes, then a plot of land for sale in East Legon will be a good choice.

A plot of land for sale in Accra, East Legon can cost between GHS 110,000 and GHS 8,000,000, depending on factors like the road's proximity.



Land for Sale in Accra, Spintex

Spintex is a premier neighbourhood located on the Accra-Tema motorway. Spintex has been known as one of those neighbourhoods that is expensive in terms of land, houses, apartments, or standard of living. Spintex has a mini industrial side and a residential side.

The residential side is the location for exclusive estates like Regimanuel and Manet Estates and it’s also home to some popular celebrities like Jackie Appiah and Jocelyn Dumas. Apartments and houses in Spintex generally cost more, which means that if you are buying land to build residential houses, then a plot of land for sale in Spintex is a good investment choice.

Likewise, the industrial area of Spintex houses companies like Coca-Cola and Kassapreko, among other big production companies in Accra. So if the purpose of the land is to build warehouses or a factory, then a plot of land for sale in the industrial part of Spintex will also be a good investment choice. 

A plot of land for sale in Accra, Spintex, costs between GHS 90,000 and GHS 10,000,000 or more, depending on its proximity to the road. 

Considering buying a plot at Spintex? Check out this plot of land for sale at Spintex.


Land for sale at Kwabenya, Ghana

Kwabenya, an upscale suburb in the Ga East Municipality, presents a good opportunity for residential and commercial investment. Kwabenya shares a border with Pokuase and isn’t too far from Accra’s central business district, which means it's easy to get in and out of the business district for work.

There are a number of high-end gated communities and estates in the area, including two Regimanuel Gray Estates. The place also boasts big shopping centres like Citidia and nice affordable houses.

A plot of land for sale in Kwabenya starts at GHS 80,000 and is dependent on its proximity to the road.


Land for Sale in Tema

Tema is an industrial hub hence a good place to buy land for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. A city that was home to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, our first president. Although the standard of living in Tema is high, this has not stopped people from settling there. Just like Accra, Tema is a big place that can accommodate different kinds of budgets.

Land for sale in Acca and Tema, especially in the central districts, offers great real estate investment opportunities for both residential and commercial purposes.

A plot of land for sale in Tema can cost between GHC 100,000 and GHS 7,000,000, depending on the area and its proximity to the roadside.


Cheap Plots of Land for Sale in Accra

There is no doubt that plots of land for sale in Accra and Tema can be quite expensive for the average Ghanaian. That means it will take years or even seem impossible, to acquire them for the average income Ghanaian. What's left to do in this case is look for more affordable alternatives. 

Let’s take a look at where you can find alternatives to high-priced land for sale in Accra.


Land for Sale in Kasoa

Although only a tiny part of Kasoa technically falls on Accra land, the rest of Kasoa has become what seems to be an extension of Accra. Kasoa lands are sometimes considered a cheap alternative to the high-priced lands in the premier neighbourhoods of Accra.

Buying a piece of land for sale in Kasoa is mostly considered good for residential purposes, although there are some parts of Kasoa, like the Kasoa New Market area, that offer great commercial real estate investment opportunities. Since it is a rapidly developing city, land prices appreciate quickly.

A plot of land for sale at Kasoa can cost between GHS 60,000 and GHS 5,000,000, depending on which part of Kasoa the land is and its proximity to the road.


Tema land 2
Undeveloped land for sale


Land for Sale in Dodowa, Ghana

Dodowa is a small tourist spot since it is located right near a large coniferous rainforest, known as the Proverbial Forest. It is a fast-developing community with great potential. Due to its natural setting and proximity to the Aburi township (17km), people seeking a place to call home outside of busy Accra are relocating there and buying properties. It is about 39km from the centre of Accra, which is a little over an hour's drive.

A plot of land for sale in Dodowa starts at GHS 30,000. 


Land for sale in Amasaman, Ghana

Amasaman is one of the fastest developing communities in Accra. It is about an hour's drive from the centre of Accra and it offers a great real estate investment opportunity for residential properties.

Prices of land, houses, apartments, and the overall standard of living are cheaper than in the premier neighbourhoods like Spintex, East Legon, Labone, Roman Ridge, and so on.

A plot of land for sale at Amasaman starts at GHS 25,000, depending on the part of Amasaman, for instance, Ashalaja or Horbor.


Land for sale in Oyibi, Ghana

Oyibi is located on the Adenta-Dodowa road, about a 25-minute drive from Accra Mall. It is a fast-developing community with good access to roads, electricity, and water. Oyibi is becoming a viable location for residential and commercial real estate, with more real estate developers building estate houses for sale there. 

The Appolonia City of  Light and Ayensu Estates are currently the most prominent Esatets in Oyibi, and the community is also the location of Valley View University. 

A plot of Land for sale in Oyibi starts at GHS 30,000, depending on its proximity to the roadside.


Land for sale in Nsawam

A plot of Land for sale at Nsawam is good for vacation homes, agricultural purposes, or industrial purposes. Land for sale in Nsawam is a bit cheaper since Nsawam is about 2 hours drive from Accra and thus quite far from the centre of the city.

A plot of land for sale at Nsawam costs between GHCS 17,000 and GHS 1,500,000.


Land for sale in Aburi, Ghana

If you are looking for a piece of land for a residential or vacation home, Aburi is definitely a place to consider. Aburi is about an hour and 30 minutes drive from Accra and it has a serene environment and great hilltop views. It is a prominent tourist destination, hence a good investment location for those looking at investing in short-stay rental properties or building a vacation home.

A plot of some of the most expensive Aburi land for sale costs around GHS 700,000.




Other Options For Cheap Land For Sale

There is no doubt that the rapid urbanization and booming real estate market in Accra have contributed significantly to the prices of land for sale in Accra. This has made acquiring land in Accra even more difficult.

Therefore, while it may be above your budget to get a plot of land to buy in Accra at a decent location, it may not be the case in other places or cities. Let’s look at some of the urban cities where you can get land for sale at moderate prices.


Land for Sale in Kumasi

Kumasi is an even bigger city than Accra and real estate investment opportunities also yield good returns. Moreover, having real estate in both Accra and Kumasi helps to diversify your real estate investment portfolio and minimise your investment risk. With a budget of GHS 35, 000, you can get a plot of land for sale in Kumasi at a decent location.



Land for Sale in Takoradi 

Takoradi, also known as Oil City, has a booming real estate market, mainly due to the harbour and the recent oil discoveries. It offers good residential and commercial investment options. Some places where you can get decent land to buy in the twin city of Sekondi-Takoradi include Anaji, Race Course, Airpot Ridge, Fijia, Ketan, Apremodo, Mporhor, BU, Beach Road, Shama, and so on. It is a place where you can also get beachfront land to buy.

A plot of land in Sekondi Takoradi starts at GHS 25,000, depending on the location. 



Land for Sale in Koforidua

The beautiful flower city of Koforidua or Koftown, is the capital of the Eastern Region and it also offers good land for residential and vacation homes. The town is serene and one of the coolest in the country, with tourist sites like the Atewa rainforest and Umbrella Rock.

The cheapest plot of land for sale in Koforidua costs GHS 5,000. It is one of the nice towns where you can find cheap land to buy in Ghana.




What to Look Out for When Buying Land in Accra

When it comes to buying a plot of land in Accra or any part of Ghana, you want to consider these four things—type of land, budget, location, and purpose.


The type of land

Is the plot of land being sold in Accra stool land, government land, family land, or does it belong to a private individual like a real estate developer?

Getting to know the type will help you conduct due diligence and also in the registration process.



Many people have bought plots of land in Accra and regretted their decision due to the location. Some people who buy land in dry seasons only find out during the rainy season that the place is a waterlogged area, which reduces the value of their investment. Therefore, it is good to consider and check out the location before you settle on an agreement.



Some of the land for sale in Accra can be quite expensive, especially in the central districts and may well be above your budget. Consider your budget first and this will help you narrow down your options to find a suitable and affordable plot of land to buy.



What is the sole purpose of the land you intend to buy? Is for your personal residential use or for commercial purposes. If it’s for commercial purposes, then you know you need to get a location that is in the business district or a commercial area like Dorwulu to increase your return on investment. Likewise, if it’s for short-stay rental properties, then considering a popular tourist destination like Aburi or Cape Coast is the way to go.



Land For Sale in Accra: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Land

As a real estate company, we have witnessed firsthand some of the common mistakes that buyers make when buying a plot of land in Accra or any part of the country. And because these mistakes are sometimes too costly, they end up losing their investment. 

Some of these mistakes include:

  • Not conducting due diligence or being too trustworthy.
  • Not working with a land attorney or real estate property developers to help guide their transactions or verify their documents.
  • Not considering zoning regulations before making a purchase.
  • Ignoring proper documentation, like registering the land with the Lands Commission to transfer the deed into your name.
  • Not paying attention to the location of the land.


Land for Sale in Accra: How To Conduct Due Diligence Before Making A Purchase

To avoid litigation issues and losing your money, you need to conduct proper due diligence on any piece of land before making payment to the seller.


Check the credibility and identity of the seller

The first thing to do when it comes to buying a piece of land for sale in Accra is to make sure the person or entity you are dealing with is really who they claim to be. If you are dealing with an individual, ask for some form of identification, for instance, their government-issued ID. And perform some background checks on the person. A great way to do this is to ask around the community if the person has the right to sell the land.

If it’s an agency or a real estate developer, make sure they are credible. You can find out by checking if they are a registered business and if the Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) recognises them.


Check the legal documents

The person selling the land should have legal documents like the indenture, the site plan, and the land title. Check these documents to verify that the name, location, and size correspond to what you are buying.


Perform a search at the Lands Commission and Hig Court

The Ghana Lands Commission oversees the registration of all lands in Ghana, therefore, checking with them will help you verify if you have the correct document for the land you intend to buy or if it’s registered in the name of the seller.

Also, a search at the collateral registry and court will reveal if the land hasn’t already been used as collateral or if it is free from all encumbrances.   


Prepare your contract of sale

Get a land attorney to help you draft a contract of sale. Each party must provide two witnesses to sign the contract. It should clearly state the terms of the contract, the lease or sublease period and any other agreements.


Get all the important documents from the seller

Other important documents you must get from the seller are the indenture and the site plan of the land. Both documents should bear the same name, and the site plan should be stamped by a licenced surveyor and the indenture must be endorsed by a licenced legal practitioner with an oath of proof. Also, you will need to get a letter of consent from the seller indicating they intend to transfer the deed of a particular piece of land to you.


Register your land

The final step to claiming your land is to register it with the Lands Commission. Without this step, you could lose the land. Present the original documents to the Land Valuation Board for an evaluation, where they will be forwarded to the IRS and you will have to pay a stamp duty of 1% on the current market value of the land to clear it from all taxes and be given a tax clearance certificate. 

Once the document is stamped, it is re-submitted to the land registrar to effect the changes to the name of the buyer.




Land for Sale in Accra—Final Thoughts

Buying a piece of land in Accra can be a daunting task but if you perform due diligence and have proper documentation, you can avoid some of the major pitfalls that buyers usually face when buying land.

It is advisable to diversify your real estate investment portfolio and have properties or lands in other major cities like Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Aburi, and Koforidua, among others.

Note that until you register your land with the Lands Commission and get the deed transferred to your name, you can lose your land if it is sold to another person.

Looking for a beachfront property to buy? Check out these beachfront lands at Cape Coast



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