Your Guide to Finding the Perfect 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra Ghana


Looking for a 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra pushes you into the middle of Ghana's exciting adventure, where the mission is not only about discovering a place but finding your perfect home.

Accra is a place where modernity gets intertwined with rich cultural heritage and this makes it a perfect place for planting one's feet. Within its beautiful landscapes and hustle of city life, Accra calls present and future homeowners to come and make this city their home of choice

The demand for 3 bedroom houses in this vibrant megacity is unquestionable.

Such homes accommodate different tastes and needs and are, therefore, perfect for families looking for a space that combines comfort and style.

West Legon, Cantonments and Airport Residential Area are all top picks when we talk about prime locations in Accra. They offer people the best schools as well as great shopping destinations like the Accra Mall, among other entertainment centres.

This blog post is a curated list of all you need to know to find and purchase the best 3 bedroom houses for sale in Accra. Be it the buzzing energy of Osu or the sophisticated feel of Spintex, our journey will showcase places that give you more than just a home.


Why choose a 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra?


Space and comfort


The reality of 3 bedroom houses for sale in Accra cannot be neglected. Ideally, these houses provide the evolving needs of a family, either give enough space for children to grow, roommates to live together peacefully or design a home office.

The freedom of an extra bedroom helps to create lots of opportunities, from guest rooms to rooms of inspiration.

Along with the Extra Space Storage, there are some innovative ways of optimizing the living spaces in small homes that could be applied to 3 bedroom houses to make the most out of the available space.


Community and Location


Location constitutes a significant factor when it comes to Accra; hence, finding a good location will increase the quality of your life incredibly.

Safety and community coherence, with a variety of other amenities characterizes the Dzorwulu and Labone neighborhoods.

The areas around Adenta and Abelemkpe would be suitable for those adventure seekers who want to live in the best of both worlds. This is because such areas are located only minutes away from tourist hotspots such as the Freedom Arch and Labadi.

The fact that these communities are situated close to the Freedom Arch, Labadi Beach, and the Achimota Forest makes them very expensive neighborhoods, and as such, they are highly sought after by many home buyers.

The Fanada Group's snapshot of Accra’s residential real estate market in 2022 revealed that Accra sits at the center of the world, struggling to cope with a housing shortage. This is however expected to reduce as a lot of projects are already in the development pipeline and set to open new units to the market. This creates a high demand for homeownership within Accra and makes these neighborhoods highly desirable for new buyers.


Investment Potential


Accra has a booming real estate market and offers investment prospects for investors. The city is in a phase of steady growth due to major development programmes, which in turn have brought onboard potential investors in real estate business.

Apartments in the Airport Residential Area and East Legon not only retain their worth for a long time, but they are also subjected to high valuations, a chance for both local and foreign investors.

The fact that more and more people are interested in purchasing 3-bedroom houses for sale in Accra implies a high return on investment for investors since Accra as a city is generally seen as an investors’ haven.

The Greens provided a forecast for the Ghanaian real estate sector in 2023 and stated that the sector is expected to grow and to offer investment opportunities because of government infrastructure projects and increasing housing demands. This trend signals the high ROI in Accra, particularly for 3-bedroom houses.


Enhanced Privacy


A 3-bedroom house offers an increased privacy for its occupants. This setup best caters to a family with teenagers, visitors who prefer their privacy, or working professionals who need a quiet and distraction-free office space.


Strong Community Networks


Living in a 3-bedroom house in some prime area of Accra allows you to network with strong and supportive communities.

These communities very often have associations, neighborhood watches, and social groups that promote bonding and safety among its residents. This network contributes to the improvement of your overall living experience by promoting strong ties.


Potential for Rental Income


A 3-bedroom house in Accra offers the opportunity to generate rental revenue. Due to the possibility of turning a small part of the house into a rental unit or using forums such as Airbnb to get extra money, the homeowners can create additional income.

This advantage is even more important given Accra's status as a tourist and business hub, where you have both short-term and long-term renters.


Architectural Diversity


The architectural styles in 3-bedroom homes in Accra's real estate market are a mix of traditional designs, influenced by Ghanaian heritage, and modern, minimalist aesthetics.

The diversity provides numerous choices to home buyers to go for a properties that not only suits their space requirements but also align with their personal style and architectural preferences.

The selection of a 3 Bedroom houses for sale in Accra involves not only purchasing a property, but living a lifestyle as well. The choice is yours: With the right home, you can experience the comfort, comradeship and convenience of today, plus the possibility of financial gains tomorrow.


Where to Look for Listings


To find your perfect 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra, explore these resources:

Real Estate in Ghana is the best site to find a 3-bedroom house for sale  in Accra. This site has a wide range of listings characterized by elaborate descriptions and quality property photos giving you an in-depth view of the real estate market in Ghana.

For those seeking an individualized experience, you can engage with local real estate agents from The Ghana Real Estate Association & from one of the latest Accra Real Estate Plattforms. These agents are capable of personalized assistance based on their expertise and networks which help them get access to housing listings which are not always available on public platforms.

Furthermore, reading the local newspapers and GhanaWeb classifieds may reveal hidden treasures. These  platforms tend to give many residential properties which may not be found on other real estate websites.


Essential Tips for purchasing a 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra


Owning a house in Accra is such a wonderful experience, however, you need to be prepared to deal with the problems that you might at some point encounter.


Budgeting and Financing


  • Set a realistic budget: To start with, review your financial position and figure out what fits your budget.
  • Explore Financing Options: Real estate market in Ghana gives a range of financing types that includes mortgages whether from banks or other financial institutions.


Banks such as Ecobank Ghana, Ghana Commercial Bank, and Stanbic Bank Ghana, all offer mortgage services at competitive rates. Moreover, do not forget to contact Ghana Home Loans.

  • Understand Total Costs: Also take into account other charges such as legal fees, stamp duties, property taxes, and refurbishment or furnishing costs. Such an all-round approach enables you to budget for your finances in an accurate way. The Ghana Revenue Authority offers information on property taxes and stamp duty.


Inspections and Legalities


  • Conduct Thorough Inspections: Involve a qualified contractor who will do a thorough review of the structural strength, pest infestation, and required repairs of the property. The Ghana Institution of Surveyors can guide you to a well-trained expert.

Navigate Legal Aspects: 

Engage a reputable lawyer with experience in Ghanaian real estate to audit the documents, authenticate the title of the property, and follow all legal procedures This will help you cover yourself in any legal problems in the future. The Ghana Bar Association has resources for finding reputable lawyers for real estate transactions.


Negotiation and Closing


Think about the current state of the property and whether or not it responds to current market demand. Above all, assess the number of days since it has been online.

  • Prepare for Closing: The closing process involves going into a contract, paying the fee, and giving the title to the new owner. Be sure that for every transaction you have the step-by-step plan and paperwork that will save you from long dramas and delays.
  • Prepare for Closing:  Get to know the details of each step, namely when each of them will be completed and what documents will be needed for a flawless closing process.




3-bedroom houses for sale in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, create not only an accommodation supply but also a chance to experience the colourful life the city promises.

The residential market in Accra provides a wide spectrum of choice which then helps everyone find a home that meets his or her needs, from a more urban lifestyle to a more secluded way of life in the suburbs.
Prospective homebuyers can use the provided resources and ideas mentioned to enhance their action plan and find a house they love that also meets their expectations. 

Careful planning, combined with the power of knowledge, can result in making house purchasing a pleasant and rewarding experience.

During this transitional course of finding your ideal 3 Bedroom Houses for sale in Accra, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you require more detail or further help. We have experienced and driven consultants to help you get not just a good house, but rather a dream house.