Free Tool for Effortless Home & Real Estate Search in Ghana

We simplify your journey to the perfect property in Ghana. Begin Your Search with Our Easy-to-Use, Free Tool Below.

Free Tool for Effortless Home & Real Estate Search in Ghana

We simplify your journey to the perfect property in Ghana. Begin Your Search with Our Easy-to-Use, Free Tool Below.



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Imagine finding your ideal house, next apartment, office space, or piece of land for sale in Ghana with any stress. At, we understand how frustrating looking for a house or apartment without the appropriate Real Estate Search tool in Ghana can be. That is why we connect you with the best short term rentals, affordable houses, luxurious houses, exquisite apartments, and spacious office spaces at reasonable prices in major cities in Ghana such as Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Tamale, Sunyani, and Aburi. RealEstateInGhana assists you in discovering the ideal property that aligns perfectly with your budget in your preferred location.

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Discover Unlimited Options and Opportunities With RealEstateInGhana With Just a Single Click of the Search Button

Dive deeper into the Ghanaian real estate market and find houses and apartments for sale and rent in decent neighbourhoods. Browse through our listings to find your next home or office space!

Discover Unlimited Options and Opportunities With RealEstateInGhana

Dive deeper into the Ghanaian real estate market and find houses and apartments for sale and rent in decent neighbourhoods. Browse through our listings to find your next home, land, villa, apartment or office space!

High Return on Investment Opportunities for Real Estate in Ghana compared to the North America and Europe

Ghana's real estate market is currently thriving, despite the fact that it is still young. The industry offers a high return on investment, which can go as high as 25%. Compared to other developing countries on the African continent and even some developed countries in Europe and North America, the market offers a lot more ROI. The country is experiencing rapid urbanisation, a growing middle class, and a boost in the tourism industry, which is having a positive effect on the market and real estate in Ghana. What keeps the market quite interesting and ever-evolving is the housing deficit the country faces. Due to Ghana’s housing deficit of over 1.7 million, there is always demand for all kinds of properties, especially in urban areas like Accra, Tema, and Kumasi, which presents investors with a great advantage. Now developing areas in and around Accra like Kasoa, Amasaman, Weija, Kwabenya, Prampram, Amrahia, Oyibi, Nsawam, Ashongman Estates, and Pokuase, as well as cities like Koforidua, Aburi, and Sunyani, are also great investment locations as more people are beginning to settle outside the mostly populated urban areas.

ROI for Real Estate in Ghana

The real estate market in Ghana has been growing, with Accra, in particular, seeing significant development. The ROI in Ghana's real estate market can be quite attractive, often ranging from 8% to 12% annually. This is partly due to the increasing demand for housing and commercial spaces in urban and developing areas. However, these figures can vary widely depending on the specific location and type of property in Accra, but these exact Locations in Accra Ghana give a high Return On Investment (ROI): East Cantonments, Airport Residential Area, Airport Hills, Labone, Osu, Ridge, East Legon, Djorwulu and Tse-Addo.

ROI for Real Estate in North America

In the United States and Canada, the ROI on real estate compared to Accra Ghana can vary greatly. In the U.S., the average annual ROI can range from 6% to 12%, depending on the location, property type, and market conditions. In Canada, the ROI can be slightly lower on average, often ranging between 5% and 10%. These figures are influenced by factors such as economic conditions, interest rates, and regional housing market dynamics.

ROI for Real Estate in Europe

The ROI on real estate in Europe in comparison to Accra Ghana varies widely across different countries and regions. Western European countries like Germany, France, and the UK typically see average annual ROIs in the range of 3% to 8%. In contrast, Eastern European countries can offer higher returns, sometimes exceeding 10%, due to their emerging market status and rapid development in certain areas.

Exploring the Real Estate Opportunities in Ghanaian Rural Areas

Since Ghana is a developing country, most of the infrastructure and developments happen inurban areas like Takoradi, Kumasi, and mostly Accra. But nearly half of the population (41.1%)still lives in rural areas with undeveloped land, and as the country develops, we will likely seesome of these rural areas turning into beautiful cities, leaving fewer rural areas.Because real estate in Ghana hasn’t yet been exploited, the opportunities are vast, andinvestment in the industry is quite a smart move. Foreign investors can partner with local realestate companies to explore some of the long-term opportunities the industry has to offer.Kumasi isn’t a rural Area, but it is the second best area to keep a good eye on when it comes toReal estate in Ghana for example: The Danyame Residential Area in Kumasi.

How is Making an Impact on the Market

We believe that the real estate market in Ghana has so much to offer investors, both locally and for foreign investors.

In both Accra and Kumasi, it's a common sight to see people sleeping on the streets, a situationoften attributed to the steep rental prices. It's important to note, however, that this ispredominantly an issue in certain areas like Nima, James Town, Odokor, and Mamprobi, anddoesn't usually affect the upper and middle classes. Among the Ghanaian middle class, there's a noticeable trend of singles and young families struggling to find suitable rental accommodations. They often search for months on end, a challenge that stems from the well-known housing deficit in Ghana's economy.'s main Objective for the Ghanaian real estate market

As the country’s Population keeps growing and urbanisation as well, if this deficit isn’t addressed, finding suitable homes will keep being a challenge. We are here to raise awareness about the Ghanaian real estate market and connect investors with real estate developers and investment opportunities to help bridge the housing gap. We also exist to connect potential homebuyers or renters with their ideal homes.

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Convenience: With listings in prime Accra areas such as Airport Residential Area, Airport Hills,East Cantonments, Roman Ridge, East Legon, Legon Hills, Tse-Addo, Spintex, Djorwulu, Labone and some other significant parts of Ghana, you can cover a larger search area in just afew search seconds. More Options: With various exquisite properties being listed on our website on a daily basis, you have easy access to more properties to choose from. Budget Considerations: We know how budget plays an important role in buying or rentingproperties. On our website, there is a property for every budget. Work with industry professionals you can trust: We connect you with only the best industryplayers, including estate agents and developers, who you can trust with your search andinvestment. Advice on our Blog Through our blogs, we give expert advice on buying or renting propertiesand help you discover neighbourhoods and properties that will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.


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Investing in affordable housing in Ghana can provide significant benefits, including addressing the housing deficit, contributing to economic growth, and improving the quality of life for low-income families.